Bliss Bath Bombs

Bliss is a cute little store in Intu Potteries and is filled to the brim with colourful bath bombs, fizzers, soaps and skincare. God help if there was a flood in there! There’s a huge range of amazingly smelling, natural and cruelty free products and manager, Storm, let me test out some of their goodies.


I decided to use some of the products in combination with each other. The first combination being Angel Delight mallow, Rosy Cheeks face scrub and the Grapefruit and Nectarine candle.

The candle comes in a cute pink patterned packaging and is even cuter once opened with its decorative wax hearts. I burned the citrusy candle whilst I used the Rosy Cheeks face scrub, which has worked wonders for my acne. It uses jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils as well as fruity products too. Its tiny grains are a great exfoliator and the lotion is really moisturising too. My bath was run and into it, I dropped the Angel Delight bath mallow, which is like a small bath bomb that gently fizzes and released cocoa butter (as well as a tonne of glitter). Glitter filled my bath and I ws finding it on my body for the next few days – it’s all fun and giggles!

My next combo was the Urban Princess bath bomb (a little less glittery) with the Orange Soda soap. I had an indulgent bath infused with the coconut from Urban Princess and the fizzy orange elements of the Orange Soda soap which lathers so nicely and seems like it’s going to last forever. Urban Princess made my bath a dusky pink colour and made my skin feel super soft, and the soap had people telling me I smelled great, it literally smells good enough to eat.

The third bath combination was the Orange Soda soap again, along with the Rhubarb and Custard mallow, which has the same properties as the Angel Delight in making the bath super creamy with cocoa butter as well as smelling like one of my favourite sweeties! I added the Totally Tropical bath creamer for a pineapple hint and, my my it was dreamy.

Finally I was just left with the Blueberry Funday bath blaster, which was describes as berries and icecream – what more could a girl want? It was my favourite scented bath bomb and it left my bath a gorgeous vibrant blue colour. There were little swirls of pink laced in the bath and it literally felt like i was bathing in silk. this one was definitely my fave.


You can buy these bath bombs and goodies in gift sets or separately, and i think they’d make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! Pop into the store located in the Lower Mall next to New Look and pick up yourself, or someone special some treats to add to their bath.

Beff xx


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