Date Night

It’s often viewed as unconventional for a girl to take a boy out on a date. Whilst it’s nice to be treated to a meal you haven’t had to pay for, or a little cinema trip, I’m a firm believer of an equal relationship, or at least an equitable one. I’m always happy to pay my half of the bill and am infuriated by girls that moan that he didn’t offer to pay. He shouldn’t have to.

Jake’s treated me to nights out and weekends away, and I decided it was time to pay him back and take him on a date. So we opted for food, theatre and drinks – but not the basic kind.

First, we went to Klay, a rustic little pizzeria and bar situated on Piccadilly, Hanley. I’ve been dying to go since it opened and I was finally going to get a proper Klay oven Klay pizza. The server showed us to our table and we looked at the menu in front of us. In my life I’ve never seen a menu come with instructions, but this one did, saying ‘wait, what do I do?’ at the top, and then explained the tickbox menu. I love this idea because then your pizza is completely personal and customised to suit exactly what you want and you can write little side notes before confirming everything with your server.


Jake and I ordered a cheesy garlic bread starter, with a maple bacon and cheese pizza with spicy sausage just on Jake’s half. I ordered a coke and Jake got a Brooklyn larger, a really flavoursome beer, which had a slight bitter rosé taste to it.

Our garlic bread was served on a wooden block and in slices, it smelled incredible and tasted even better.


Then our 11” pizza came out and it was a pizza-art (piece of art? Get it?). The beauty was that it was so imperfect, in its uneven crust and sprinkled toppings, that it made it perfect. Klay’s greatest feature is that the pizzas are made from scratch, to order and with love. I’d never have thought of putting bacon on a pizza, but this sweet and crispy bacon gave so much flavour to what would have been my usual margarita.


I paid our bill (and even got a cheeky 15% student discount!) and everything came for just over £15, which is great for two people’s starter, main and drinks! I kinda wanted to try one of the s’more desserts but I was so full, the pizza had defeated me. We were given the option to box up the extra slices to take away, but we we’re off to the Victoria Hall. As I write this I am really regretting not finishing the slice!

At The Victoria Hall I had a press pass to review Circus of Horrors, who got to the semi-final of Britains Got Talent 2011 and have since created an even more huge performance. When I told Jake that was where we were going, he looked a little bit scared, but I’ve wanted to see CoH for years and I knew he’d love it. Sword swallowers, fire eaters, gymnasts and a midget that likes to run around with a hoover on his thing, there were no boundaries – this show was full-frontal.

It was a really comical two-hour show, with a nightmarish narrative that had us on the edge of our seats as the performers showcased some incredibly dangerous stunts. The circus was identified as ‘not suitable for people of a nervous disposition, sissies, or chavs’. You can read my full review describing some of the acts over on REBEL.

It was almost 10pm when we came out, and The Exchange for drinks is always a good plan. The previous weekend, Lee Barber and Mark Askew had launched an indie night in the basement called Come Together, which I was really looking forward to. The basement opened at 10:45 and people slowly started to filter in – the entry is free before 11, £2 after 11 and £5 after midnight. A lot of people turned up after the White Lies gig at Keele and the room was soon the fullest I’ve ever seen it. Drinks offers were great with £2 pints and £3 double vodka and cokes, so you can easily have a great night on a tenner. The DJ was spinning indie anthems old and new, from Oasis and Stone Roses, to Catfish and Blossoms. Cheap booze, brilliant music and great company; the Come Together indie nights are going down a treat. I can’t wait for next weeks in celebration of Lee Barber’s birthday!


So there we have it, I had one of the loveliest nights I’ve had in a long time and it’s made me realise Jake and I need to organise a date night more often.

Beff xx



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