Piccadilly Purchases

Jake and I went to Manchester over the weekend and I decided to spend some of my birthday money (despite somehow losing £30 during the day – gutted). I picked up some beauts and some bargains so I thought I’d share with you.

The first product I got I picked up on Friday and it was the Natural Collection Brow Gel in Dark. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with this product considering it was only £1.99. It’s got a great sized spoolie which coats each brow hair with a really pigmented gel, so even if you don’t feel like really doing your brows, just brush some of this product on and you’re good to go – it’s definitely a handbag must have. Once dry, your brows are going nowhere.

 On Saturday we caught a bus into Piccadilly and wandered around some stores. I didn’t purchase a lot, but I’ve managed to rack up quite a wish list! Cute bag in Dr. Martens, Cacti heaven in Urban Outfitters and a gorgeous gingham top from M&S are all on that list – but I shall wait till payday. Although in Urban Outfitters, Jake and I got some cute Photo Booth snaps done.


I can never resist visiting Boots, since I work in a small store, we don’t stock the bigger brands like Smashbox, NYX and Benefit; it’s nice to be in a larger store so I can properly browse. I picked up a NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Honeymoon. It’s a matte grey shade similar to my MAC Lipstick in Stone, so luckily I can use my Stone lip liner with it. I’ve heard that grey is going to be the shade of the season, which I’m quite excited about. My Lip Lingerie was just £7, and it applies like silk. It gives full pigmented coverage and doesn’t budge! I’m totally in love with liquid lipsticks at the minute.

Whilst in Boots I was having a look at the Smashbox counter when the Smashbox rep collared me and told me that they were doing free 7 day samples of foundations and primers, so she colour matched me and gave me a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and a Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in the shade 0.5. I tested them out on my night out and my makeup looked and felt great, it stayed on all the way through the Come Together Indie Night and still looked fresh at 2am when I got home. I may just have to consider a purchase on this foundation – it’s really smooth and builds into a full coverage but still feels really lightweight, too. Images are before on the left and after on the right.

Our final expedition was to Primark and I ended up buying a beautiful camel coloured mac that’s perfect for spring when it’s warm, but still breezy. It was just £14 and the cost per wear will be next to none! Mac’s are timeless pieces thanks to Burberry so I’ll get a good couple of years from it. Also, it kinda makes me feel/look more like a journalist, which will be great when uni start sending me out to get stories next year.

Beff xx


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