‘No Makeup’ Makeup

I’m a strong advocate of compromising my makeup for an extra 10 minutes in bed; but I’ve now mastered the quick and easy makeup look that makes you look fresh and ready for the day (despite snoozing on the bus… and in the odd lecture).

What’s even better is that these products are from as little as £1.99, and the most expensive is £9.99, so totally affordable and found in most high street/drug stores.

Firstly, here is my no makeup face:


I went in with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99) and my trusty L’Oreal True Match foundation in 1C (£9.99). this foundation has a beautiful dewy finish so makes you look really healthy and gives a natural glow which means that there’s no need for highlight (unless you want to of course… no such thing as too much highlight).

Next is a product I am genuinely really impressed with: the Natural Collection Brow Gel, in Dark. I brought this a few weeks ago for £1.99 and it’s amazing for the price. The gel coats every brow hair and is super pigmented. You don’t have to use anything else with it if you don’t want to! It’s great for a lazy, messy brow look or can be used alongside your other brow products for the insta-brow. I used it alone, but then used my brow brush to give a little more definition, just using the excess product already on my brows.

I love using blush as a contour as it’s less harsh on my pale skin, and again, gives more of a glow as opposed to a sculpt. I used my Natural Collection blush in the shade Peach Melba (£1.99) and then also decided to use it as eyeshadow too. I applied it to my crease with my Ruby blending brush and then blended it out through my crease.

I did go for a more pricey mascara with the Benefit, They’re Real – but any old thing would do for this look; I just grabbed the closest one. This is £9.95 for the small size, which is pretty steep considering the size, but it is beautiful.

Finally, I toyed between a few different nude lips, and thought that matte would look best, so used my Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lip in Birthday Suit (£4.99), giving a smooth, mid-tone brown which made the look a little more glam, but still very natural.

In total, all the products that I used in this blog cost around £30, so cost per wear is super, super low and it only takes about 10 minutes to apply!

Beff xx


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