Individual vs. Strip Lashes

I don’t often wear lashes, but now and then I’ll go through a stage of wearing them quite a bit.

I’ve had semi-permanent lashes done at the salon before, and they lasted amazingly, but it was a bit of a nightmare to wear eyeliner because I couldn’t get it all off as it would get stuck between each lash extension.

I’ve invested in some Eylure Volume 100 Lashes and some Eylure Individual False Lash Ultra to see what differences there are between strips and individuals, the pros and cons, and figure out which I prefer.


First I tried the individual lashes, applying short ones on my inner corners, medium in the centre and long at the outer edge. Using tweezers, I applied a small amount of glue to each lash cluster and carefully placed them where I wanted them; this was a little tricky, but they stuck quickly and I didn’t have to wait for the glue to go tacky. I used 9 lash clusters on each eyelid, giving me a really full, but still relatively natural, feathered look. The lashes themselves are thin so you can create a customised look and either keep them natural or build them up for a heavier look. The only thing I will say is that the glue is a little bit chemically, so it can sting a touch if you put too much on – use it sparingly.

The lashes didn’t feel heavy on my lids, didn’t tickle or poke my eyes, and didn’t feel loose at any point, so I was really impressed. When I came to take them off, the things just would not budge – probably because I didn’t read the part of the leaflet that says that they can last up to 3 weeks (oops). The pack comes with a little tub of remover which helps get the glue to unstick, too.

I will happily wear these again and may even go for the semi-permanent option and leave them on for a few weeks too!

Alternatively, I tried out the strip lashes. These don’t stick as quickly, so you have to really press on them to get them to stay. I think these were a little too long for my eyes, so I may trim them next time I wear them, or some petite options are available. Though they feel slightly heavier, they look much fuller and are 10x easier to take off and store for next time, whereas the individual lashes don’t sit very well in the pack once removed. The strips are also much easier to clean, so will last longer.

These are definitely a more glam, night-out look and the individuals are more of a daytime look.

Both packs of lashes were around the £5 mark, and are often on a 3 for 2 offer (but unfortunately weren’t when I was buying – typical!) so keep a look out for that if you’re going to bag some.

Beff xx


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