Outfit Of The Day

On Wednesday I was up Newcastle and took an obligatory trip to my favourite vintage store, Sparrowhawk. While browsing the rails of one off items and vintage garms, I spotted the most sparkly silver blouse, pulled it off the rail and said to Rhi, ‘bloody hell, this is the most hideous yet beautiful shirt ever’. It was an Alexa Chung design for Archive at M&S, priced up at £9. I tried it on, expecting it to look ridiculous on me, but the more I looked at it on, the more in love I fell. I needed it. With student discount, I got this shirt for just £8.10.

What I love about it is the detailing; the scalloped edges, the vintage pattern on the collar, the little bow at the front; and the fact it is just so outlandish and nothing like what I’d normally wear.


I don’t think I’ve ever really brought an item of clothing, and then planned/brought an outfit around it; I’ve always just seemed to throw something together out of my wardrobe. This time, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, so had to go and make a couple of purchases.

I paired the shirt with my leather skirt from New Look, then went on the hunt for some fishnet tights. Primark was completely sold out, as was every other shop in the Potteries centre. I finally found some in Rowfers for £6 (despite laddering them that night, gutted).

Lastly, I was on a mission in Primark to find a pair of silver Chelsea boots. I knew they’d had some in recently for about £10-15. I searched and searched to no avail, until I started looking at the homewear, where one pair of silver Chelsea boots were on a reduced shelf – my size. That’s fate right? And they were a bloody fiver! £5! I know! They’re metallic and have a kind of snakeskin pattern running through them, so they’re super funky and £5 is a bargain.


I really wanted to find a black floppy felt hat for this look, but everywhere was selling summer hats, whereas what I was looking for is a more autumn/winter hat, but I will be keeping my eye out for one.


To complete the look, I added my Daniel Wellington watch, and a tonne of glitter. I brought a liquid glitter liner from Boots ‘Collection’ range for £2.99 and the glitter pay-off is incredible. There are no gaps of sparse areas, so I used it as a bit of a cut crease, putting it on the inner half of my lids for a super sparkly look. Glitter liner is my new fave so expect to see lots of new makeup looks on the blog.

So in total my actual outfit only cost me about £20, plus a gifted skirt, so probably £35 all together, which is incredibly cheap for a full outfit including shoes. This shirt is the best thing ever in my opinion, and there are plenty of other bargains at Sparrowhawk, so go and have a nosey and get yourself a bizarrely beautiful shirt.

Beff xx



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