Swaps and Cocktails at RAWR

This evening RAWR, the superfood bar and kitchen, hosted a quirky little event called Swaps and Cocktails in their Hanley branch.


The rules were simple: bring five items of clothing that you no longer want, hang them up on the rail, and swap to your heart’s content.


RAWR is such an innovative business idea. With veganism and raw, clean eating becoming more and more popular, RAWR make this lifestyle accessible and affordable with their healthy snacks and superfood smoothies. They also offer a range of funky craft ales and cocktails.

Anya, Leah and I decided to check out this event for a girls’ night, so took our clothes and hung them on the rail already filled with clothes that longed for another wear. I took with me a pair of jeans that never fit me, a big coat that I stopped wearing, a jacket I’d had for a dance show a kimono and a little blue dress. As soon as I walked through the door I already spotted some bits that took my fancy.

We headed to the bar and ordered a drink; I got a Rose Lemonade (since I was driving), which was a beautifully refreshing lemonade. It’s a really summery drink, being pink, it’s the perfect ‘girly’ drink; it felt a lot more like I was drinking a cocktail. Anya and Leah opted for gin options, going for a Rosey Hendricks and a Pomegranate Thyme Fizz.


So, on my little shopping trip I came home with some gorgeous items of clothing!

This yellow jumper from TU at Sainsbury’s is one I had my eye on before Christmas and then it sold out and I was heartbroken. It caught my eye the second I walked through the door – whoever didn’t want it anymore – I bloody love you.

FullSizeRender (20)

Leah’s friend Livvy brought some clothes to swap which I bagged, including a cute Missguided boxy crop shirt and a little pinafore from Primark that still had the tag on, and a cute little white Bardot crop which is perfect for summer. I also pinched a pair of her heels, black Miss Selfridge wedges with ribbons as laces! Livvy might as well just give me her wardrobe.

Lastly I picked up a midi velvet number which was Leah’s, it’s blue with silver glitter running through it so it will look amazeeee on a night out!

FullSizeRender (21)

It was also lovely to see some of my clothes rehomed too, my coat went to one of Livvy’s friends, and another girl tried my jeans on and was made up with them. It’s so nice to see someone happy over something that would have gone to the tip or the charity shop. Any clothes left over at RAWR were donated to a charity shop, so even if we couldn’t find someone who wanted it at RAWR, RAWR would find someone who would.

I think this is such a good event for socialising, meeting new people and getting yourself a bargain. I really hope RAWR decide to make this a monthly event because it’s something that will definitely grow. Tonight had a brilliant turn out, and it can only get bigger.

Beff xx


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