Get Ready With Me: Vlog

Get Ready With Me vlogs are something I’ve always loved watching but been too scared to try myself, so here’s a sort of ‘test run’ to see if you guys like it and to give myself a bit more confidence about making videos. Here’s my video, including what product I used on my hair, my makeup routine, some cracking local music (who I’ll list below), and some info about Lymelight Festival this weekend:

John Dhali – Only One

Nixon Tate and The Honey Club – Joyce

Psyence – The Bad Seed

Indigo – The Stranger

John Dhali – Cigarette

Indigo – Devil’s Treasure

Nixon Tate and The Honey Club – Dance Hall Blues

Attack of the Vapours – What You’ve Lost In Job Satisfaction, You’ve Gained In Meaningless Aphorisms

Thieves Asylum – I.K.Y.K.I.K

Attack of the Vapours – Misfitz

My iPad was just on shuffle and this playlist is still growing, I hope to showcase other local music in future videos and help in some way to get their names out to a wider audience who may not have heard of them xoxo

Beff xx



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  1. Siyana says:

    Ah you are so beautiful ❤


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