April Favourites

There have been so many things I’ve loved this month, mainly because I’ve been doing anything I can in order to procrastinate from uni work, which usually involves online shopping.


First is the baggy, shabby grey jumper from the local indie business Charms and Chains, which cost me just £5 in their spring sale. It’s a one size fits all, so of course, it drowns me. I feel like this can be worn in so many ways though… A pair of shorts for chilling in the garden, a pair of jeans for a day out, leggings for slobbing about, and thigh high boots for a night out – it’s a really versatile piece that is an absolute bargain for £5.


Next up is this cute gingham top from Missguided. I saw a gorgeous gingham top in M&S, but felt this was an equally as cute, summery top that was just more affordable. You can have the sleeves as tight or as loose as you want, too! I think this looks great with a pair of high wasted black skinnies, or for the warmer weather, either black or white denim shorts.


Another local piece is one I used in my OOTD post earlier this month, and that’s my Alexa Chung silver sparkly blouse. This is such a statement and unique piece with beautiful detailing, which I picked up for £8.10 from Sparrowhawk Vintage. I teamed this with my black leather skirt and fishnet tights.

IMG_5059 (1)

The last item of clothing is a new one to the Fred Perry collection that has grown from nothing to 5 beautiful items in the space of 10 months, after Jake brought me my first Fred Perry dress. This is my maroon FP ringer t-shirt. I paid £35 for this from Terraces and now have a loyalty card that will get me 10% off my next purchase too!


Adding to the Fred collection, when ridding out the shed getting things ready for a car boot, I spotted some cute Fred Perry pumps that belonged to my sister. Whacked them in the washing machine and they’re good as new and a perfect little summer plimsoll. They can be worn with or without laces and look super cute on – I’m just glad me and my sister have the same sized feet.

FullSizeRender (25).jpg

This one is another accessory, but these sunglasses from Primark are just gorgeous. Cat eye with a blue tinted lens gives me real Kat Von D vibes. Bagged these for just £3!



NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade ‘Honeymoon’ is a silky smooth liquid lipstick in the most stunning stone/grey shade; it stays on all day and is completely smudgeproof.

Natural Collection Brow Gel. This product is £1.99 and is my go-to everyday product for when I really can’t be bothered; you just brush it through your brows and bam. Done. Natural looking, messy brows. You don’t need anything else for an everyday look; this and a bit of concealer goes a long way.

Rimmel x Kate sculpting palette. The blush in this palette is a gorgeous spring colour, and the highlighter works great as an eyeshadow. This is another really versatile product that can be used for so many different things. What’s even better was this was free when I spent £12 on Rimmel!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have noticed I’ve become obsessed with glitter eyeliner. The Collection Glam Glitter is just £2.99 and has a great glitter pay off. I’m planning a ‘*number* of ways to wear glitter eyeliner’ post for May, so keep your eye out.



I went to see Jaws live the other day, and I can’t tell you how great they are live for such a small band. The tickets were £10 (which is a pint and a packet of crisps in most gigs) and while I was there I picked up a limited edition Be Slowly vinyl, of which there were only 200 made. It’s a clear vinyl and includes some of my favourite tracks by them including ‘Gold’ and ‘Think Too Much Feel Too Little’.

Other CD’s I’ve brought this month for my car are Blossoms, Catfish’s second album and a Madness CD. I’ve also pre-ordered the new Paramore album because I adore them and the new track ‘Hard Times’ is brilliant. It’s arriving mid-May and I’m so excited to hear it!


A song I’ve been loving is one Dad showed me after he brought Linkin Park tickets for July, and it’s called Heavy. It’s one of Linkin Park’s slower tracks with really powerful vocals from Chester and some beautiful female harmonies. Go and check out their live version, it’s on YouTube and it’s spine-tingling.

Local artists I’ve been listening to this month are Release, who I’ve photographed twice this month and it’s always a mad show. Indigo I’ve seen twice this month too, an absolute power-duo with a Royal Blood king of vibe. Emily Jones is a friend, and fellow journalist, as well as a musician and I saw her live for the first time this month and damn, the girl’s got lungs.

TV Shows/Series

PRISON BREAK IS BACK. Yes, I’m a bit excited about it. The new storyline is such a shock, and I’m completely hooked. Michael Schofield, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


The Walking Dead had its season finale in April, yet another plot twist. While the episode was exciting, the end was a little bland, but it’s left it very vague as to what could happen next – something is brewing, but no-one can trust anyone anymore.


I pretty much finished uni throughout April, I was studying at home and writing my essays at home, and so I got through a lot of daytime telly. My favourites included This Morning (with Phillip and Holly), Jeremy Kyle (who doesn’t love Jezza?) and Chopping Block. I can’t cook, but I love watching other people, and Rosemary and her brutality is hilarious to watch. Anyway, I wasn’t totally lazy watching the telly, I made sure I did shorthand practice in time with the TV in preparation for my 80WPM exam. These exams are usually based on court cases, councils, or some sort of accident, so I practiced to Judge Rinder (also helped me with some terms for my Law exam – double whammy).

Beff xx

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