Hippy Hippy Shake brings REBEL girls to the yard

At this years’ Lymelight Festival, The Hippy Hippy Shake Company created five unimaginable creations and named them after five of Stoke’s acts that were playing at the festival. The REBEL girls’ and I needed a milkshake boost, so headed to the shop and ordered one of everything to give them the taste test.

IMG_5946 (1)

Attack of the Vapours was a concoction of Twix, custard creams, toffee sauce and topped with whipped cream. A really creamy, biscuity shake with a hint of custard tasted like heaven, and I don’t even like custard. (Forgot to get a snap of this one on it’s own… oops.)

10oclock Chemical was a bit of a heavier shake with it being quite doughy with chocolate chip cookies and Crunchie, with little chunks of honeycomb to crunch on. This was finished off with chocolate sauce and whipped cream again.


Next was my favourite shake, the King Kula milkshake, packed with Party Rings and Curly Wirly, toffee sauce and whipped cream. Not too heavy, but still super sweet, with chunks of gooey caramel that melted in your mouth.


Shakedown Stockholm was a chocolate overload with Minstrels, Oreos, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The insides of an Oreo taste even better in a milkshake than you have ever imagined. This is definitely the one for those that love all things chocolate.


Lastly was Thieves Asylum, who’s milkshake was Toffee Crisp, Jaffa Cakes (cake or biscuit), toffee sauce and whipped cream. This shake was super tangy, with the Jaffa Cake jam really coming through and hitting you in the face harder than the riff to IKYKIK.


These shakes are available all weekend and Bank Holiday Monday from Hippy Hippy Shake in both Hanley and Newcastle branches – these guys know how to make a milkshake work out of the most bizarre combinations. If you don’t fancy a funky combo, there’s a million and one other flavours to choose from! Ain’t no shake like a Hippy Hippy Shake!


Beff xx



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