The Blogger Essentials Box

I have discovered the ultimate Blogger kit.

This arrived in the post the other day and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a parcel in my entire life.

I unboxed the package with care and admired every little detail of my Blogger Essentials Box from DotCreates. Opening the box, decorated with yellow polka-dot washy tape, was a little thank you note and a card that said ‘you can never have too much stationery’, of which I am a strong believer. Individually packaged were various little bits and pieces which make planning your blogs that bit more enjoyable (as if it isn’t already, but I don’t think you realise how excited creative people get over new stationary).


Firstly, there were these gorgeous white and gold pencils, each with a different quote on the side – one for every emotion… but it should definitely say gin, not coffee (my only qualm since I don’t drink coffee). These pencils are so Instagrammable (yup, that’s a word now) and that inspired me to use my cute little mason jar from Anya as a pencil pot (previously used as a vase – it has many purposes).

In the box was also five calligraphy style prints of completely relatable quotes, which are now placed in various places in my room for a little positivity boost. I have my two larger prints on my desk area, a small one on my bookshelf, another small one on my desk, and the most important one, for me anyway, says ‘learn to rest, not quit’ which is next to my bed as a little reminder when it’s 1am and I’m desperate to complete a post. There’s always tomorrow. These prints make the perfect office accessories and have completely transformed my workspace.

Two little sticker sheets were included in my little kit, and no, stickers aren’t just for primary school kids. They’re for 19-year-old kids too. One of the sheets is unicorn themed (who doesn’t love unicorns?) and the other is more ‘focus/study’ based – with a couple of pizzas thrown in. These are ace for decorating my post planning and brightening up my page!


Next up is The Ultimate Blog Planner – and that it is. There’s space for literally everything: the date, the date you want to post, the title, your ideas. It reminds you to include everything from words, to pictures and links. This is definitely going to make me a more prepared and thorough blogger, with well thought-out posts and all details included, because there’s nothing more annoying than publishing a post and then thinking ‘shit, I should have included x, y, and z’; but when it’s on paper in front of you, it’s so much easier to spot what you’ve missed.

Every ten or so pages, there’s a little inspirational quote similar to the prints, to give you a little boost in your planning. On the back of these pages is a space for you to log information on sponsored content like the product and the PR contact.

Additionally, the paper is really thick (one of my favourite features), because it means it feels lovely to write on and you know that the quality is there. The planner comes in three different designs, and I’ve gone for the peach one because it just looked gorgeous. The glossy laminate style front also means you can jot rough notes on it with a whiteboard marker and it will rub off once you’ve recorded it neatly.

Lastly is the blog planner pad, which is essentially a pad version of the planner that you can tear the pages off. I think I’m going to use this either after my planner is full (whilst I wait to repurchase) or have it as a handbag planner so that my Ultimate Blog Planner doesn’t get battered.


In total this all cost me just £26 in the sale, and there are still some left so I highly recommend any bloggers, journalists, reviewers go and grab a beautiful bargain. I don’t think I’ll ever plan a blog the same again.


Beff xx


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