10 Ways To Make Monday ‘Funday’


I’m yet to meet someone that’s a Monday morning person, and to those of you who post your ‘perfect mornings’ on Instagram where you’ve been for a jog, done some yoga, ate ‘#smashedavo’ for breakfast and got to work super early, hashtagging everything with #Mondaymotivation – we all hate you (but kinda envy you at the same time). So here’s my list of 10 things that you can do to make Monday suck less:

  1. Wake up early – now, I know you’re thinking ‘fuck that’, but hear me out. Waking up earlier means that you have longer to get ready, longer to wake up properly and longer to watch a bit of telly with a brew. You won’t feel like you’ve literally rolled out of bed and into work because you’ve had a rather enjoyable morning (and god knows we need the extra caffeine).IMG_6191.PNG
  2. Look forward to breakfast – if you’ve brought something in special for breakfast, you’re more inclined to actually eat breakfast. A box of Cornflakes will sit in my cupboard for, well, an eternity, but pancakes and golden syrup? Gimme. Plus, if you woke up early, you may even have the chance to spend some time cooking bacon, eggs – even smashed avocado (if that’s what you’re in to). My personal favourite breakfasts include toasted cheese bagels, breakfast waffles with syrup, pancakes with bacon and poached egg on toast. If you start your Monday with something you love, you’ll feel better all day and you avoid the mid-morning hangry stage.IMG_6236.JPG
  3. Wear something that makes you feel great – if you look good you feel good. Don’t force yourself to wear something that you don’t feel amazing in, because you will resent it all day and make yourself miserable.
  4. Monday playlist – this one is a must. Whilst you’re getting ready, or driving to wherever you need to be, you need a killer playlist of your most feel good favourite tracks. Some of my faves include Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Charlemagne by Blossoms – something you can have a right good dance and sing along to.IMG_6193
  5. Do something slightly differently – whether it be you style your hair differently, change up your makeup look or stick some heels on, whatever you do differently, people are likely to compliment you on it and it will make your day. Try to repay the favour to someone throughout the day if you notice something about them, too.
  6. Daily cuteness dose – nothing cheers me up like a good dog video or just scrolling through the Insta explore page looking at dogs (and the occasional micro pig). Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts for a pick me up.
  7. Make your work space tidy – you probably left your desk in a shithole on Friday in a desperate attempt to get home and pour a glass of wine, so get to work a little bit early and have a tidy up and de-clutter. Tidy mind and all that jazz.IMG_6099
  8. Set yourself achievable goals – I use my weekly planner all the time, writing down every little thing I want to do, from which blog to plan, to which TV show I want to watch. The notion of writing down a goal and ticking it of is so fulfilling. Maybe you want to de-clutter your inbox? Book a meeting? Whatever it may be write it down. I also highlight mine and colour code it, for example, uni work is blue, blogging is pink, green is leisure and yellow is work. The planner I use at the moment is just £3.50 at Sainsbury’s, you can buy it here.IMG_6194
  9. Make a feel-good purchase – a bit of retail therapy always feels good, even if it’s just treating yourself to a caramel latte. May I suggest that instead of buying from multi-million pound corporations, that you buy your brew from an indie business? Again, this will make you feel pretty damn good about yourself because not only will it taste better, since it’s made with love, not cash, but you’ll be helping a small business out too.
  10. Lastly, plan something for the weekend – it may seem so far away on a dreary Monday, but if you plan an outing, a girly night, a meal out, a catch up then you have something to look forward to all week.

There are my 10 tips, try them out for yourself and if you have any more, please share them with me because I need all the help I can get.

Beff xx


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