You Are Who You Surround Yourself With


You are who you surround yourself with’ was the reply Anya gave me when I said that I was proud to be a part of such a career-minded group of individuals. That’s the quote that has inspired me to write this post on my bad-ass girl-gang. Let me introduce you to:

Anya Szczur – Graphic designer, shop owner, co-photo-shoot-planner and crazy dog lady. Anya’s shop Hounds has developed so much in just 12 months that she’s had to move to a bigger premises. She’s designed everything herself and thought goes into each and every product she sells.

Leah Hamer – Music journo, TV presenter, radio presenter, DJ and corgi enthusiast. Find her supporting the music scene wherever she can, whether it’s presenting The Honey Box, playing their tracks on Garage Greenhouse on 6towns Radio, setting up a free festival, or going out to their gigs.

Emily Jones – Music journo, angry guitar-playing singer/songwriter, radio presenter and cocktail lover. With a new found confidence that I am so proud of her for, Emily is releasing her new EP ‘A Cut To The Quick‘ as well as writing for three online platforms, gigging relentlessly and presenting her show The Quiet Revolution on Moorlands Radio.

Myself, Bethan Shuff – Music journo, beauty blogger, photographer, uni student and makeup hoarder. Writing for Rebel and Beffshuff, taking photos at any opportunity, be it gigs, dogs, weddings or babies, as well as studying Journalism at Staffs Uni things can get pretty stressful. I’d have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for the babes above, my boyfriend and my family who constantly tell me ‘you can do this’.


This group of girls are focused, determined, won’t-stop-at-anything and just down-right bloody amazing. They are the epitome of ‘real queens fix each other’s crowns’ and are some of the most empowering women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, let alone call my friends. Yes, we have a lot on our plates and we juggle a lot, but it’s safe to say that we all thrive under the pressure and get shit done.


It’s not all work, work, work though. There’s a great balance between our work-based meet-ups and our girly fun-time meet-ups. We also like to check out the best places to eat, drink cocktails, swap clothes and cuddle dogs.


In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than the ‘I’ll marry a millionaire’ attitude. I earn my money, do what I love and as a result I can look after myself and treat myself. You surround yourself with lazy mind-sets and dependent personalities, that’s what you’ll be until you decide to break out of that. The point of this blog was to commend my girls on their achievements, tell you all just how much we really do, and hopefully inspire you to work hard so you can play harder. Surround yourself with positive people and be the best possible you.


Stay sassy and classy

Beff xx


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