New Pyjamas Fix Everything

If you’ve had a stressful day, like the neighbours grandkids have been running around your new car for half an hour and then their nan yells at you for telling them to stop, then you’ll probably want to de-stress (or head butt your neighbour).

To de-stress after a long, tiresome day of trying to be as nice as possible when some people are just complete and utter morons that think the sun shines out their grandkids arses, I like to treat myself.

Step 1. New pyjamas – I headed down to Sainsbury’s, mainly for a reason to move my car, and ended up buying the cutest pyjamas I’ve ever seen in my life! These jimjams were just £12 and are perfect for the warmer weather with their lightweight, predominantly white material, short sleeves and ¾ length legs. There’s no greater feeling than swapping your old baggy t-shirt and whatever-you-grabbed-first pyjama bottoms for a new pair of matching pyjamas.

File_001 (2)

Step 2. Skin care – Stress will inevitable bring you out in spots, so make sure you take good care of your skin, particularly during stressful periods. I used the Unani Cleansing Milk, followed by the La Theorie des Volcans exfoliator, Eau Roma Water by Lush and a Garnier Moisture Bomb tissue mask which absolutely terrified my dog.

File_002 (2)

Step 3. Hot beverage and chill time – in my ‘I’ve met some pricks in my life, but you sir are a cactus’ mug, inspired by my neighbours, I made a hot chocolate using a hot chocolate spoon which was so exciting to use! You melt a lump of Belgian chocolate into your hot water and it makes the best, thick and creamy hot chocolate which I topped with extra thick whipped cream. Yes, extra thick. Don’t judge me. Also picked myself up a Glamour magazine for some blogging inspo.

Step 4. Netflix binge – find a series and watch it until Netflix asks you if you’re still watching it. It’s okay and no-one is judging you.

Beff xx


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