Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture #1

I got my beloved Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera back in February and have just finished up my first cartridge of film, so similar to my ‘Disposable Snaps’ tag, at the end of each cartridge, I’d like to share my snaps with you.

File_008 (1)

The first four shots were taken at The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, where I christened my camera by getting Ben to take a photo of Leah and I before the ceremony. The next two were of Jake and I, taken in the hallway. The final image from that night was taken at the after party at The Exchange where Leah and I grabbed the bossman Barber for a smile (rare).

File_002 (3)

The fifth photo I took was of my dog, Lyla. I’d recently started her Instagram account and wanted a cute snap to post. I gave this photo to my Dad, because I don’t think we actually have any photos of her printed like we do with our old dogs and I know my Dad loves the novelties of polaroids.

File_000 (3)

Next is a photo Jake’s friend Ash took of us at The Exchange after Your City at the Come Together Indie Night; I’d brought this sparkly shirt that day and was desperate to get a good photo of it on (that didn’t happen).

File_004 (3)

These two were taken at my end-of-year Journalism party at The Underground. I’d finished my first year at uni and wanted to have a cute photo with the girls on my course to celebrate surviving fresher’s year. Mel and Jade are the two girls I’ve spend 99% of my first year with, eating too much, stressing too much, and drinking too much. The other photo was meant to have seven of us on it (our shorthand table) and the lad I asked to take it had already had a few bevvys… the result… most of the girls cropped out (still love ya’s though)

File_005 (2)

The final photos taken on this camera was at another Come Together evening after a girly evening with Leah and Anya. Leah was about to go on the decks for her second DJ set and Anya and I were about to go and dance with a stranger and eventually end up with his sunglasses (thank you drunk man, your shades suit me well). The last shot was of the same photo, because Anya nearly cried at how cute the snaps come out so I got her one.

File_006 (2)

I love this camera so much, and I think the fact that the film can be quite pricy makes me think about when I use it, meaning I end up with much more meaningful photos with real memories behind them. I remember everything about the moments these photos were taken, and that’s why they’re so special. I hope you look forward to the following posts in my ‘Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture’ tag.

File_000 (4).jpeg

Beff xx


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