Elizabeth’s Daughter Skincare Range

It can be so hard to stick to a good skincare routine, especially when no-one has ever really exclusively laid out the order in which to cleanse, exfoliate, tone etc… I still find myself googling whether or not I exfoliate before a face mask or after? However, I’ve been introduced to the Elizabeth’s Daughter skincare range, which makes a brilliant introduction to a gentle skincare regime.


Created by Elizabeth Hallett, Elizabeth’s Daughter’s products were born out of a determination to create a great, sensitive skincare range for her daughter to use. The range now includes seven products that are available online, with prices ranging from £6.95-£19.95 so it’s super affordable and suitable for girls and women of all ages who suffer with problematic skin. I tested out The Daily Moisturiser and The Purifying Mask as part of my routine.

After cleansing, I applied The Purifying Mask with a clean foundation brush and allowed it to dry whilst I washed my hair in the bath. After about 15 minutes, the mask had hardened, meaning it was time to wash it off. To remove it I used cotton pads and warm water. My skin instantly looked healthier, less red and irritated and I could really feel the benefit of a deep cleansing mask. The Amazonian White Clay in the mask draws out toxins and impurities in the skin as well as Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to support cell regeneration and tackle inflammation (perfect for us acne sufferers). Whilst peel off masks are fun and make skin appear brighter, clay masks have a much deeper effect. They draw out all the nasties in your skin, which will cause a breakout, but then once they’re gone, they’re gone for good if you keep up the routine. The next day is a perfect opportunity to extract some blackheads with some nose strips or a stick extractor as the Elizabeth’s Daughter mask will have brought them all to the surface.

Since the range is great for all ages, I asked my Mum to test out a purifying mask on her aged 40+ skin to see what she thought about it and how it compared to my skin. She said she loves the way it feels on application and she definitely noticed a difference in her skin after using The Purifying Mask.

After using The Purifying Mask, I used a light toner and then applied The Daily Moisturiser. I received three of the in sample sachets and realised that a tiny amount of this moisturiser goes a long way. One sachet moisturised my face four times, and I used any excess product on my hands to moisturise my arms and legs (because I really miscalculated how much product I would need. After using the moisturiser, my skin felt so much smoother and brighter, and it was really soothing on my nose after the mask. What’s even better is that the moisturiser has an SPF15, so offers protection as well as hydration. Vitamin E, Fresh Pumpkin Cells and Shea Butter work together to create velvet smooth skin – and it really does. I actually ended up squeezing the samples into a little pot so hat I can make them last even longer!

File_007 (1)

The other products that Elizabeth’s Daughter create include two different cleansers for different skin types, a soothing and glossing balm, a skin spritz and an eye makeup remover. The cream cleanser is suitable for any skin type, whilst the gel cleanser is better for oily/combination skin. I think I may just have to grab myself The Soothing and Glossing Balm as the ingredients sound good enough to eat with Apricot Butter, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera!

The descriptions of the ingredients and the directions for use are so simple and easy to follow, there’s no confusing words or chemicals, which makes your skincare routine easy and stress free. You can use all of these products with pride knowing that the products are 95% natural (with the other 5% still be good, non-harmful ingredients) and include no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals, and that they’ve only ever been tested on girls, never animals so they really have a feel-good ethical factor too. You can use Elizabeth’s Daughter products knowing that Elizabeth has your skin in her best interest, and it really shows.

Beff xx



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