No7 Haul


Every couple of months, Boots give out vouchers for money off No7 makeup and skincare and I always stock up on the stuff while I can. Every time you spend £4 you get a voucher, the voucher offers you £5 off skincare and £3 off makeup. Since I don’t tend to use No7 makeup, I always end up with a tonne of these left over and use all the £5 off skincare ones.

The first think I always stock up on is the No7 Beautiful Skin Face Wipes which should be £7, which get knocked down to £2. I swear by these face wipes. Seriously. I just wouldn’t be able to justify spending £7 on face wipes so I always pick up a few packs when the vouchers are out!


I’ve tried a million different cleansers recently, but this time I’ve brought the No7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Cleanser. It really is soft and soothing. If kept cool, it feels so refreshing on your face – I think this will be my go-to cleanser from now on (plus it’s pink). This was just £3 down from £8.


For a deeper cleanse I have the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, which is a cleanser that you massage in, then lay the hot muslin cloth over your face for ultimate relaxation and to open up you pores. These are £10 and go down to £5 with the voucher – definitely worth it for that little bit of luxury.


Everyone needs a good moisturiser in their life, I have about 10, but I always end up complaining about them; this one’s too thick, this one doesn’t smell nice, this one’s too oily etc… and I always come running back to the trusty No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream. It’s so light and so refreshing, it’s an absolute pleasure to apply and it makes me look forward to taking my makeup off and moisturising. This is usually £13.50, so you can get it for £8.50. It lasts ages so it’s got a really low cost per use price.


Finally is my latest discovery just in time for summer, the No7 Anti-Aging Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen. It’s a factor 30 lip and eye balm which prevents sunburn, but it also shimmers so looks gorgeous! This is definitely my favourite practical summer purchase so far at a steal of £2.50 down from £7.50. A lot of lip sun protection tastes like you just drank suncream, but this one is lovely – no greasiness, no bad taste – just pretty lips and sun protection.


So if you have some vouchers hiding away in your purse, you have until Bank Holiday Monday 29th May to spend them, so bag a bargain while you can.

Beff xx


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