RAWR Clean Cocktails


After a long hard day of walking around in the glorious sun and doing a spot of shopping, RAWR Café Bar and Kitchen in the heart of Hanley’s stunning Cultural Quarter makes the perfect place to rest those legs and grab a nice cold drink. If I’m making you jealous, then you rightly should be. Today I sampled RAWR’s new cocktail menu, which will launch tomorrow, and my gosh, it is divine.

Focusing on taste and sensations, using ingredients like herbs and spices, low gi sugars like coconut sugar, and clean, well-sourced and quirky alcohol like fair Quinoa, RAWR offer a more health conscious, clean way of enjoying a cocktail which leave your mouth bursting with flavours.


The new menu has been so wonderfully thought out and crafted with a passion for a health conscious lifestyle. There are five cocktail categories; Classics, Coffee, Superfood, Gin and Whisky, so there’s something for everyone. For the coffee lovers that need a caffeine boost, there’s an Espresso G&T or even an Espresso Dark and Stormy. If you’d rather a more guilt-free tipple, the Superfood Cocktails include a twist on a classic with Bloody Hell Mary and the King of Pina, the ultimate pina colada served in a real fresh Thai Young coconut! You can feel like you’re in Hawaii in Stoke! And hey, if cocktails aren’t your thing, there’s a variety of craft ales including Brewdog and Freedom for those that love a hop.


With Gin becoming trendier by the minute, with gin-specific bars popping up all over the country, it’s no surprise that there was a selection of delicious looking gin cocktails on the new menu. I decided to try out the Strawberry and Black Pepper (although Blueberry and Lemon was pretty damn tempting, too), and it really complimented my scrummy wholemeal toasted bagel with chunky strawberry jam. The sweet, fruitiness of the strawberry contrasted the spicy kick of the black pepper; poured over ice and muddled strawberries makes it a light summer beverage that should be enjoyed in the blistering heat with a pair of shades on.

My cocktail tasting accomplice (my sister) was convinced to try a firm favourite from the Classics menu, the Long Island Iced Tea which, along with a concoction of other boozy ingredients, includes 100% Agave Tequila and Agave syrup for a super sweet taste. Alongside she had the Chick Flick wrap which includes chicken breast, pesto, sundried tomato, hummus and spinach. Mixing healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods that taste great together makes clean eating a lot more enjoyable as well as being affordable and accessible at RAWR.

RAWR is open from 12:00-7:30pm Tuesday to Saturday, so makes the perfect lunch break, post-work tipple, or weekend chill in their homely and relaxed upstairs and downstairs sitting areas. The new menu launches tomorrow, and by showing a member of RAWR’s staff this blog post you can bag yourself 25% discount on a cocktail! Wahoo! And, if you really needed an excuse to go out and grab a drink, RAWR are hosting their second Swaps and Cocktails event on June 9th; you can read my review of their successful first event here.

Beff xx


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