May Favourites

It’s that time of the month again where I tell you all my favourite bits and bobs from this month and there’s quite a lot to tell!

Starting with beauty/skincare; I’ve discovered some absolute bargains this month.

Public Service Announcement – Home Bargains are selling Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge dupes by Olivia Hale for £1.69. They look and feel exactly the same and have a very similar quality. Stock up before they’re gone, because you know people are going to be snatching these up as quick as possible.


The Revolution Flawless 3 Palette which I reviewed earlier this month is a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and it’s just £8. I’ve been adoring this 32 shade palette and its diverse range of neutrals and pops of pinks.

BB Cream is something I’ve used a lot this month with the warmer weather creeping in. It’s so much kinder to my skin, provides hydration and moisture, lets my skin breathe and gives a gorgeous glow. The Nivea Tinted Moisturiser Day Cream is a lot less coverage, but it’s got that perfect ‘I just got back from the beach’ look. Plus, it’s only £3, so is a complete bargain and lasts forever; a tiny bit goes so far!


My teeth are something I’ve been loving this May thanks to Laila London’s Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder working its magic and giving me a pearly white smile! I genuinely am so impressed with this product after being a bit sceptical towards drugstore whitening products but its 100% safe, natural and effective! You can read my review of it here.

Finally, the makeup brush of dreams that I picked up from Milly’s Boutique: the unicorn makeup brush. I feel like everyone needs a unicorn makeup brush just to cheer them up when they do their makeup. I’ve been using this to apply baked highlighters because, well, how else would you get that unicorn glow? It was just £4 and there are various sizes available for various prices.



This month Paramore released their 5th studio album After Laughter and it’s the only CD that’s played in my car since. It’s Paramore at heart with a pop/commercial twist and it makes for great listening (and singing very loudly in the car).


I went to see Maximo Park this month in Manchester at Albert Halli; they were celebrating the release of their latest album Risk To Exist, which is bloody incredible. It’s got a real political undertone and speaks for the working class, as well as throwing in a few class anthems. I luckily got a photo pass to shoot the gig, too, which was an added bonus. You can view those photos here.


Supporting Maximo Park was Mancunian five-piece, all-female rock band Pins, who are a total inspiration and voice of empowerment for women. They really are bad-ass babes and their EP Bad Thing was just too good not to buy – I also bagged myself one of their 7” vinyls which is blue in colour and I think everyone knows how much I love a coloured vinyl.



Motel Rocks had a £10 sale. Was I skint? Yes. Did I buy stuff anyway? Yes. You never say no to a Motel Rocks Sale. I decided to grab some bits ready for summer and so I bagged this gorgeous crop top with funky ying yangs on it. It ties at the back, so you have to brave the bralessness and go with it, but it looks super cute on. I think you could dress this up nicely as well as wear it casually.


The second item I brought I thought was a dress, turns out it’s a little romper but I still adore it. It’s a little ditsy flower print playsuit and it’s so colourful. Definitely a beachy/holiday piece! I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can wear it.


Also picked up two pairs of Levi’s this month for dirt cheap! A pair of 501 cut off shorts, which I’ve customised with a David Bowie patch on the bum; and then a pair of 501’s that have paint splatters on them and a rip under the bum, which adds to the sass if you ask me. The shorts were just £9 and the jeans were £6! Absolute steals.


Finally, other than watching the usual Prison Break and Supernatural, I haven’t watched many films or series; however I was completely and utterly gripped by the Three Girls drama on the Rochdale paedophile ring. It was difficult to watch at times, but it was so well portrayed. It’s mad how young people can get sucked into it, and it’s mad how easily it can happen. Three Girls did well to both inform and warn people of this sort of behaviour.


I think that’s about it for my favourites this month! I’m always on the lookout for new products to try, films to watch etc, so let me know what your favourites are!

Beff xx



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