8 Suncare Tips From A Ginger

I don’t even need to go outside on a marginally warm day to get burnt. Growing up with fair skin and ginger hair meant that I spent my childhood plastered in sun cream, with an obnoxiously large sunhat on. Since it’s National Sunscreen Day, I thought I’d share my top tips and picks with you.

  1. Scalp spray: Two years ago, I’d recently started working at Boots and had been on a visit to Staffordshire Uni on an open day type thing; it was gloriously warm and we’d had a voucher for a free icecream, so we sat outside (in the bloody shade) to eat them. The next day I got into work and was serving what seemed like the longest line of customers, passed out and threw up – sun stroke. The most horrendous, disorientating effect of too much sun. protecting your scalp is so important to try to prevent sun stroke. My favourite is the Soltan Head and Hair Suncare Spray as it’s only £4 for a 75ml bottle and doesn’t make your hair feel greasy.
  2. Suncream: This is fairly obvious. I use a factor 50 in the morning and then top up with a 30 throughout the day. The SPF basically means you take the time it take you to burn and multiply it by the factor and that’s how long the protection will last. So say I burn within 10 minutes, I apply factor 50 and I’m protected for 500 minutes (8ish hours), but obviously you have to reapply sooner due to it rubbing off on car seats/grass/sand, being in the pool/swimming etc. I tend to use Piz Buin as its really good for prickly heat sufferers, it’s chalky and it’s just £8 for a 200ml bottle. I also keep a travel-sized factor 50 Soltan sun cream in my car for when it gets unexpectedly warm or I forget to cream up before leaving the house, or I’ll end up looking like this again.IMG_6716
  3. Lip protection: There’s nothing worse than burning your lips (or your nose) because it’s so visible on your face. Your average lipsticks and glosses don’t contain SPF factors, however No7 have got a gorgeous SPF30 Simmering Lip and Eye Screen for £7.50 which I purchased earlier this week for summer as it will both protect and look super pretty and natural!
  4. Eye protection: Sun can really damage your eyes, so it’s important to protect them. Not all sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays, so spend a little extra for the extra protection and save the Primark fashion sunnies for Instagram.File_002 (1)
  5. Shade: I can’t bare sitting in the sun, I get so hot and irritable and sometimes there’s just no escaping the heat. When we’re on the beach we take a little pop up tent to both keep our belongings safe and to keep my Dad, my dog and I out of the sun. you can pick these up in the festival section at Home Bargains for a few quid – ours has lasted years!dad
  6. Cool, loose clothing: I know we all want to get our bikini bods out, but sometimes it’s best to just cover up a little bit when sun worshipping. I like to wear a little playsuit or a loose white shirt to reflect the heat and keep the sun of me a little. I suffer badly with hives, which is a really bad heat rash, so keeping cool is so important so that I don’t end up looking like this:IMG_6719.JPG
  7. Face mist: okay, so this one isn’t protection as such, but really helps in the hot weather. It’s a vitalising hydration mist that will give your skin some instant moisture as well as cool you down. I’m using the Evolve Beauty Face Mist that’s £20 – I’ll be doing a full review of the product soon.
  8. Aftersun: If you do end up getting burnt (it’s pretty inevitable if you’re ginger), a good aftersun is essential. I swear by aloe vera! My Nan has an aloe vera plant which provides instant relief from itching and heat, but if you can’t get your hands on the fresh plant then I recommend Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel for just £3.

Beff xx



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  2. Jade Mayhead says:

    I cant agree more with the face mist and scalp spray! My boyfriend is ginger and burns so badly, these two things help so much!xo


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