Throwback To Prom


As everyone finishes up their GCSE’s and leaves high school, the attention turns from osmosis and algebra to limousines and gowns that would put Cinderella to shame. Prom season. In my life I’ve been lucky enough to have two proms, leaving middle school and high school; as well as my leavers’ ball last year leaving Sixth Form. This post I’m going to revisit my prom’s and crack out the old photos (mainly for a bit of feel good nostalgia for myself), and let you know all about my prom experiences, including outfit details, hair and makeup, venue – the lot.

Year 8 Prom

Where I live, the schooling system takes you from first school (year 1-4), middle school (year 5-8) and then high school (year 7-9). When we left middle school in year 8, we were graced with what was essentially a glorified school disco with much more expensive outfits and means of transport. My dress was out of the Very catalogue, it was a cute little pink Lipsy dress with embellished rose petals – I want to say it was around £60? It was gorgeous and I loved it – wish I hadn’t sold it now. I wanted a short dress for this prom so that I could have a long one for my ‘real’ prom. As far as hair and makeup goes – my mum did it. She’s always been handy with stuff like that. The prom was held at school, and me and some friends arrived in a limousine; at school they had a ‘casino’, a magician and a massive chocolate fountain (where I spent most of my time, obvs) as they’d gone for a Vegas theme. I remember being shown a magic trick where a deck of cards turned into a chunk of glass in my own hands and my mind’s been blown ever since. My ‘date’ was my mate Nathan, who actually bagged himself ‘prom king’, too – and I’m totally not bitter about not being prom queen… promise. Ignore the poor quality of the photos, we had nokias and shit digital cameras.

Year 11 Prom

Year 11 prom was taken a lot more seriously – I even made sure that I was on the ‘Prom Committee’ so that I could help make it epic. This time the event was at the beautiful Keele Hall, which makes a stunning backdrop for photos. My dress was from Little Mistress in the sale for £45… I figured if I saved money on the dress, I could get some beaut shoes and accessories. The dress was a cream and navy Grecian style dress with a high neck and cut out front. Definitely one of the classiest outfits I’ve worn. My shoes were Kurt Geiger, which luckily were in the sale for £40 too, so I was really winning on the money-saving side of things. I got a bag practically identical to the glittery heels from Matalan and then wore a gold arm cuff. Whilst I did my makeup myself (I’m well aware I’m all eyeliner and no eyebrows, I’d not discovered eyebrow products or shaping), I had a professional do my hair in an updo which came round to the side and had a bit of a waterfall effect. It even looked cute the next morning. I arrived to prom in a range rover with some friends. The best part of my prom was being surprised by my brother, who had flown home from Kenya that morning after being over there for six months and surprising me as I arrived at prom.  My prom date stood me up (awks), so my mate Jack came to the rescue and got papped with me on the way in. We received a three course meal and then there was a bit of a disco. It was a bit naff for how much we’d paid for it, but I think prom is about just seeing everyone dressed up nice for what could potentially be the last time you see them. Here are some of my favourite photos from prom, including a picture of me and Nathan again three years on!


Leavers’ Ball

Leavers’ Ball was one of my first blog posts, it’s crazy that I’ve been blogging for just under a year! I had a nightmare with my outfits as I’d ordered a tonne and they all either didn’t fit or weren’t how I imagined them. Eventually I found a playsuit (with less than 24 hours until the event) from New Look, I think it was about £25? It was a little black number with a plunge neckline and cute embellishments around the shorts. I did my own makeup and hair, because by this age I’d managed to just about learn how to do so. We had a few photos and drinks at Leah’s house before heading to Leavers’ Ball at The Three Horseshoes in Leek, which had a beautiful outside garden area for photos, too. The food was actually really nice, and there was a cheesecake that was absolutely amazing. Leavers’ Ball really was the last time I saw a lot of people from high school/sixth form – everyone has gone their separate ways, moving away to uni and fulfilling their dreams.

Just look at how much I’ve changed from aged 13, 16 and 18! I’ve even changed a lot since last year at Leavers’. I guess my next stop now is my Graduation Ball when I’m 21!


Beff xx


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