Summer Haul

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately, I recently used a new acne product and had an awful allergic reaction and haven’t left the house since Sunday. Today I thought I’d cheer myself up with some retail therapy and pop up to the shopping centre to pick up some summer clothes now that my face doesn’t look like a snapchat filter.

First stop was New Look. I saw this White Push Lock Camera Bag online and thought it looked so cute. Being white means that it’s probably going to get a little dirty, but it seems as though it will be quite easy to wipe down as it’s leather-look. It’s the perfect size for a night out as the front pocket fits my iPhone6 in perfectly with space for a lipgloss or concealer. It would probably fit the 6+ in too (but I’d double check before you buy); then the back zip up section acts as a purse. I thought this bag was a really reasonable price at £12.99, and they have different colours like green and purple too.

Okay this one I didn’t buy today, I brought it like two weeks ago from New Look, but I couldn’t not include it in my haul. This Red Stripe Tie Sleeve Bardot Neck Shirt Dress was just £12.99 as well and makes a cute outfit for any occasion depending on how you style it. I think it works best with a pair of white converse for casual or a day trip, or some nice black heels for the evening. It’s available in red or blue and the blue on is actually on sale!


The rest on my purchases were made at the cheap and cheerful Primark, which is my favourite place to shop when I need a lot of new clothes all at once as it doesn’t break the bank. They have some really cute stuff in at the minute so there was no way I was coming home empty handed.

I was desperate to pick up a particular maxi dress my Aunty has brought for her holiday; it’s a simple Burnt Orange Cami Maxi Dress and was reduced from £6 to £3! I’m not usually fond of maxi dresses, however Primark have served me well for the past two years and I’ve managed to find one I love two years in a row. It’s quite thin material and so it’s really light weight and floaty and doesn’t cling. The elasticated waistband cinches you in at the waist and makes the top bag over it to funk it up a little; and £3 is a bargain.


My second Primark find was a little White Crotchet Bandeau for £4. This was clearly a favourite of other Primark shoppers as there were barely any black ones left and only a couple of white – I was lucky to find my size!


My final clothing item was a Sex Pistols t-shirt that’s just a really cool band tee. It’s proper punky with holes in the shoulders and around the hem. I think it will look quite cool with a knot tied at the front with a pair of high waisted shorts on a hot day. This was £8.


I’m not really a sandal person, but I was determined to find a pair that I like to wear on holiday. This pair of Velvet Gladiator Sandals were £4 and came in some gorgeous colours including red and pink, but I thought black would be more wearable. I’m a massive fan of velvet so I’m loving the fact that I can bring my favourite winter fabric into summer with some funky footwear.


Other accessories I picked up include a big Tri-Colour Pompom for my car keys (because my brother broke my other one trying to prise my keys from me) which was £2. I also grabbed some Large Fishnet Tights for £2.50 because I ripped my others and Primark never usually have S/M sizes so I bagged them quicker than you can say indie.

This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is perfect for me right now; since my acne decided to break out I’ve been drinking water and lemons like it’s going out of fashion but I hate it when the fruit goes bitty and floats in the water. This £4 infusing bottle is 750ml so a great size to carry and a great amount of water to drink on the go; the infuser has a really cute pattern on it and the water doesn’t get really bitty. I can’t wait to try different fruits in this!


Finally, I had to buy this Mango and Passionfruit Reed Diffuser because I saw Youtuber Mark Ferris picked it up in his Primark Haul and said it smelled great and he really sold it to me. It smells so good (does NOT taste good – accidentally got some in my mouth trying to open the damn thing) and the packaging is amazing too, so I’ve fashioned myself a little makeup brush holder because I loved the tropical pattern. This was £3 and every time I walk into my bedroom I get a whiff of summer freshness and my gosh, it’s good – it fits in so nicely on my drawers.

I’ll probably be going on a last minute holiday shop late July/early August for some holiday-specific clothes, so keep an eye out for another Holiday Haul!

Beff xx


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