Swaps and Cocktails #2

If you remember last month I wrote a post called Swaps and Cocktails at Rawr, and I prayed that they would hold the event monthly (secret: they kinda are). Rawr pride themselves of offering healthy options, cleansing foods and cleaner lifestyles, which means you can enjoy a guilt free (and super tasty) tipple with your friends whilst you swap your socks off with the other people there (not literally socks… that would be weird).

So basically, everyone takes five items of clothes (I took seven as I’m having a massive rid-out), hangs them on the rail, and then you take other peoples’ items that take your fancy. I took with me a few shirts, a couple of dresses, a waistcoat and a t-shirt; only two of my items got rehomed, so the rest are on their way to a charity shop thanks to Rawr.

We decided to get drinks prior to letting ourselves loose on the clothes rack, so I ordered a Rose and Thyme gin cocktail, a refreshing pink fizzy cocktail with gorgeous flavouring. Who’d have thought to use an ordinary kitchen herb in a cocktail? My sister ordered a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, with my Aunty opting for a classic Mojito. I recommended my mum (designated driver) have a Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade, one of my favourite soft drinks; she asked them to put a little bit of Thyme in so it looked and felt more like a cocktail too.


As we sipped our drinks and munched on yummy toasted garlic sourdough, listening to the chilled house/funk provided by Ocean Spencer, we watched everyone putting their clothes on the rack. We couldn’t wait any longer so we got stuck in.

So the clothes I brought back with me include my Aunty’s blue tailored shirt, from Matalan. I think these shirts look so smart and I’ve been after a really nice blue fitted shirt for ages now! I also picked up a midi denim-look skirt, a Jim Bean t-shirt and a really cute holiday/beach playsuit! As well as this really nice watch, similar to my Daniel Wellington watch but with a brown strap which means I can wear whichever watch suits the outfit better!

My sister came home with four items of clothing (one being mine! Sisters always have a knack of robbing your clothes!) and my mum and aunty both came home with two as well.


These events are really going to gain a lot of popularity, make sure you keep an eye out on the facebook page for the July edition and come along! It’s a really friendly, social event and lets be real, do you even need an excuse to have a cocktail? If you do I’ll give you one – 25% off cocktails if you show the bartender this blog post.

Beff xx


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