Happy Father’s Day, Dad

First things first, my mum will more than likely be the first to read this post. Mum, I am well aware that I didn’t write you a Mothers’ Day blog – I owe ya.

In the past (nearly) 20 year’s, there are a lot of valuable lessons that my Dad has taught me. My Dad tends to be the one who understands my reasonings and agrees with me when most people don’t. My Dad taught me to never cry in front of someone who’s upset you; don’t let them think they’ve defeated you. He taught me that music is the answer to everything. Dad taught me to always take pride in my appearance, regardless of where I’m going or who I’m seeing. My Dad taught me that ‘it’s not your circus, and not your monkeys’; in other words, other peoples’ dramas aren’t your dramas. Most importantly, Dad taught me how to be myself; not give a monkeys about what other people think of me and to never let anyone walk over me.

Cheers for being a legend.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Beff xx


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