Disposable Snaps #4

Feels like it’s taken me forever to fill this disposable camera up; I have one more left for summer before I’ll have to stock up again!

These images date back as far as November! It’s taken me more than six months to fill up this film.

These first photos are from my trip to Paris with uni, various blurry photos of Mel, Jade and I either in a pub or being touristy.


These snaps are from some nights out with the girls over christmas and for Emily’s birthday (large quantities of gin consumed).


The next few are from The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire – big big love to everyone in them.


Then we have the last few from a Jaws gig in Manchester!

I really love using disposable cameras because you can’t just instantaneously see how you look and take another one if it’s awful! It’s also a really nice surprise when you do get them developed and then you have to figure out when and where the photo was taken and it takes you back to that moment and it’s so lovely and reminiscent.

Beff xx


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  1. andthenzen says:

    I absolutely love using disposable cameras! Did you enjoy the Jaws gig by the way?! I’ve seen them live before, and they were amazing!


    1. I did thank you! Would love to see them again!!!

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