Sleek Matte Me Metallics

The Sleek Matte Me range is a collection that I adore, I mean, I have five shades already. Can you imagine my excitement when I found out Sleek were bringing out a new line of metallic lip products… on 3 for 2 and I had a £2 off voucher? Pretty damn excited let me tell you. Of course I took advantage of the offer and purchased all three shades available.

The three shades are Rusted Rose, Roman Copper and Volcanic. These lip creams apply so easily and aren’t sticky at all. However they are a little drying, so I’d apply some lipbalm before going in with the Sleek products to counterbalance that.

Volcanic is a pink/silver iridescent shade. It’s quite light and so it needs building a little to achieve full and even coverage, however I think this also looks beautiful as a single coat over the top of a lipstick. On a night out I wore this over an NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Embellishment and it looked stunning as it adds a touch of sparkle to a matte look. I also think it would look gorgeous on a natural ‘no-makeup’ look this summer to make you feel like a lil glazed doughnut. I’d just go for base, brows, mascara, a flush of blush and this lovely lip shimmer.

Roman Copper is another gorgeous summer shade with a copper glow. It has a foil like finish and is a definite beach must have for a glam look. I’d love to pair this with a smokey copper eye look for a fierce night out look. Being a redhead, copper can be difficult to wear, but this is so wearable and it’s almost a rose gold colour due to its two-tone properties, which is so on-trend and really beautiful. This provides a lovely holographic look alone, but can also be worn sheer over the top of a nude shade like MAC’s Velvet Teddy or Sleek’s Birthday Suit.

Rusted Rose is a deeper purple colour, with a flicker of silver. It’s like a deeper version of Volcanic, providing a more full coverage, full-frontal shade which I think is better to wear alone. I think this is a much more Autumn/Winter shade, but you can definitely work it over the summer as well. If I were to order the shades in terms of seasons, I’d go for Volcanic in Spring, as it’s frosty but still glowy, Roman Copper in summer going into Autumn and Rusted Rose from Autumn to Winter.

For £4.99 each, these lip products are a steal. They’re currently on 3 for 2 at Boots, so you can bag all three shades for the price of two like I did. Alternatively, they’ve brought out the Distorted Dreams highlighter kit (£10.99) alongside their metallic lip shades, so you could get that if one of the lip colours isn’t your thing.


Go forth and glitter, my darlings.

Beff xx


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  1. OMG! These are absolutely stunning. I haven’t bought any new makeup in AGES so a spree is definitely in order and these will be top of my list. I love them all, but I think Roman Copper looks the prettiest.
    Claire xo


    1. I think roman copper is my favourite! I get staff discount at boots too so I’m always buying new makeup!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah how lucky! I need a discount, I spend way too much £££ haha x


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