I’ll Have A Dirk Diggler, Please

As you know, my blog turned one year old on Friday, so on Saturday I wanted to celebrate with a drink (or five). Anya, Leah, Jake, James and I headed to Toto, a quaint little cocktail bar on Newcastle’s Iron Market.

Cute vintage lighting and different patterned wallpaper on each wall are easy on the eye, creating a calm and relaxing environment. A gorgeous mustard leather sofa and armchairs in the window were where we found ourselves sitting and being handed menus by friendly staff.


The cocktail menu is extensive, so much choice and so many flavours; a lot of them with their own Toto twist as well. Anya went for a London Mule, which was gin, mint, lime and ginger beer in a tall glass garnished with more mint. Leah opted for a Rose Gin Fizz, consisting of gin, Crème de Cacao, raspberry syrup, lemon, rose water and prosecco which came in a cute crystal glass garnished with a little pink flower.

I went for a Dirk Diggler (Everybody’s Favourite Pornstar) made with vanilla vodka, mango liqueur, guava and lime, served in a martini glass, garnished with flowers and served with a shot of fizz complete with a boudoir picture of Dirk Diggler himself. The idea behind the shot of prosecco is that you sip it in turn with the cocktail as a palette cleanser (how sophisticated, ay? Don’t get that in ‘Spoons).

Toto is definitely the place to go if you want a quiet and relaxed drink and a chat, with staff that are happy to look after you and go the extra mile. Beautifully crafted drinks and attention to detail at the heart of the bar, you’ll fall in love as soon as you walk through the doors.

Beff xx


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