5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I’ve been on summer break since the beginning of May, so with everyone else at work or still at uni, you can imagine how bored I’ve been. Now that summer is in full swing and my family have time off work and my brother is home from Sudan, I’ve written a five things I want to do this summer post – if it’s written in a blog they can’t tell me no? right?

Get my tattoo – ever since David Bowie died, I’ve wanted to get a tattoo relating to him… for 18 months I’ve been iffing and ahhing on designs but I’ve finally settled on one and so I’m hoping to get it done at the end of July – I will be writing a full blog on the meanings of both of my tattoos after I get it done.

British Music Experience Museum – when it first opened in Liverpool earlier this year, I saw a lot of people on social media posting photos in the museum and I’ve been dying to go. The Chasing The Sun exhibition was incredible, The Beatles Museum is brilliant – the British Music Experience is obviously going to be phenomenal, just like these two, but on a massive scale.


A day trip to York – York is a beautiful place with its wonky buildings and narrow streets. I’ve been before for their Christmas markets, but this time I want to go to the new Harry Potter shop, The Shop That Must Not Be Named (I would have but Universal Studios on this list, but it’s not feasible and this is a more plausible day trip).


Surfing – *internally plays The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing* This is something I do most years on my holiday to Newquay, however I didn’t get the chance to get in the sea in 2016. Last year I did ‘Blog-iday’ where I tried to blog every day of my holiday; this year I’m hoping to vlog my week! I’m definitely going to be trying to drag a reluctant Jake into the sea with me to teach him how to surf.

Get outside – I really want to practice more mindfulness, be it yoga in my garden or going for a walk at my local country park. I want to embrace nature and enjoy the outdoors in the glorious weather and try and be a little more active in it. Going for walks means that I can have the company of my dog too!

What five things do you want to do this summer?

Beff xx


One Comment Add yours

  1. Gaylen says:

    New York sounds like a great plan. I hope u enjoy your plans.


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