Glossybox #7

Glossybox is a lucky dip. £13.25 per month and you never know what five products you will receive, whether or not they suit you, whether or not you like them etc. Each month I continue to gamble in this beauty roulette and this month I got super lucky and have five beautiful products that I love.


In the July Summer Special box we have:

  • Papanga Spiral Hairbands (£4.99)
  • Natural World Argon Oil Shampoo (£6)
  • Monuspa Soothing After Sun (£19.95)
  • Spectrum Fan Brush (£4.99)
  • Bellaperrie Banana Setting Powder (£25)

That’s around £60 worth of products!


These spiral hairbands come in a variety of colours, and I got potentially the most boring colours of clear and brown (c’mon Glossybox! I want a pretty pink one!) I will definitely get some use out of the clear bobble, however my sister may be given the brown one as it’s just too dark for my hair. The idea behind them is that they don’t leave pesky bobble marks and they don’t rip your hair out, which is perfect as I am having my hair cut soon and really want to take more care of my hair. These can be quite pricey in some stores, and I don’t think £4.99 is too bad for two!


Still speaking of looking after my hair; argon oil is a product I already use in my hair and I love it. I think I’ll be using this soft and silky shampoo once a week so that I can make it last me! I love anything with Argon Oil in it! Also going to have to hide it in my bedroom because you can guarantee my brother will be stealing it if he sees it in the bathroom.


After sunnnnnnn! It’s one of those things that students don’t tend to buy, and so it’s great that Glossybox have graced us with a bottle, because suncream is another thing students don’t deem important. This is 100% coming everywhere with me, festivals, holidays, even if I just go to the park because as a ginger, my goodness do we burn.


Spectrum is a brand I’ve admired for a while with their pretty and colourful brushes. I’ve been thinking of getting a fan brush for a while for applying highlighter and when I saw this as the sneak peek back in June I got so excited! It’s super soft and makes your highlighter look bomb af. Plus it looks hella cute in my brush collection!


Lastly we have the Bellapierre Banana Setting Powder. I’ve actually been a bit adverse to buying banana powder because I hate the smell of banana, but it turns out that it doesn’t actually smell of banana. You may have seen this powder on makeup tutorials where people use it to ‘bake’ their face. I’ve not mastered that art just yet, however a light dusting of it with the Spectrum fan brush leaves a gorgeous cool-toned highlight.


Super impressed with this Glossybox! We haven’t had an August sneak peek yet, but I do know that the box is cute!

Beff xx



One Comment Add yours

  1. ellieedx says:

    I love your take on this months Glossybox! That argan oil shampoo that I didn’t get in mine looks so nice, kinda wish I got that instead of my lip tint haha!

    Ellie x


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