Stylish Specs at Specspost

I’ve worn glasses since I was about 8, and have always brought my glasses the traditional way – from Specsavers straight after my eye test. I never enjoyed choosing my glasses, as I never liked what was on offer at the opticians and having my mum pass me 20 different pairs to try on was just tedious. Now, thanks to the wonders of the web, there are websites which allow you to choose frames from the comfort of your sofa, which doesn’t bare the embarrassment of trying out frames in the middle of the opticians with the pushy sales lady trying to get you to buy the most expensive pair.

I went for my first eye test in 5 years this week, and got an up-to-date prescription, I opted to not choose my glasses straight away which must have been fate, as when I got home and checked my emails, there was one from the lovely Julie at Specspost.

Specspost website has a huge range of glasses, from men’s and women’s, to petite and sunglasses! After much deliberation, I finally whittled it down to three pairs for me to try out. The glasses arrived in the post the very next day, so let’s meet the frames.

The frames I chose were: Alexa Chung style, Johnny Depp style and Zooey Deschanel style. All of them are tortoise shell, as this is something that suits me well and is very on-trend.

Alexa Chung:

Slightly rounded frames with a cute vintage feel, the Alexa Chung glasses are down-right adorable like the lady herself. They’ve got little metal detailing on the front and on the arm that adds a feminine, but edgy flare – they definitely mimic Alexa’s quirky style. When posting on my social media, other people agreed that this style was their favourite look with 78% of Twitter voters opting for this shape.

Johnny Depp:

Similarly shaped to the Alexa Chung glasses, the Johnny Depp style also have that vintage feel, however the tortoise shell is a little darker which has a slightly more masculine feel; not so much ‘manly’, but more androgynous than the Alexa style. The detailing on the front of these is also different featuring two little dots each side of the frame which makes them look so cool – attention to detail really matters with frames.

Zooey Deschanel:

These frames are quite different to the others I ordered. The Zooey Deschanel frames are a much larger, more square frame, but still with the tortoise shell pattern. These are definitely more in the category of ‘geek-fashion’ glasses, which is what Specspost specialise in, as the frames are quite oversized. Unfortunately, this particular frame doesn’t really suit my face shape, which is such a shame because they’re so lovely! The arms are also slightly different to the others on this as they have metal arms, which add something quirky to the look and break up the tortoise shell pattern.

Specspost glasses also come with this luxury case to keep your glasses safe, in a beautiful grey and blue colour scheme – getting out and putting on your specs never looked so stylish. Head over to and check out their other styles!


Beff xx


10 Comments Add yours

  1. wildandbri says:

    I loved all of these! So many cute styles and loved hearing your reccomendations 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      thanks bri! So excited to get them back with my prescription in!


  2. itsallzara says:

    Wow these are so cute! I also hate getting glasses at specsavers because their selections are either not my style or really expensive! When I’m due new glasses I’ll have a look here, great post! Love the photos as well xx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      thanks Zara! and yeah definitely take a look at their frames! Cheaper than an opticians!


  3. Jade Mayhead says:

    You look great in all of them! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Veronica Bizzarri says:

    This sounds like such a great service and I wish it was around when I got my glasses a couple of years ago, I felt so intimated when I picked out my glasses because the guy that was helping me was in a rush for me to pick a pair.. All the glasses suit so well but I especially love the Alexa Chung ones! btw I really like your hair it looks so glossy xx

    Ronnie //


    1. beffshuff says:

      Thanks Ronnie! It’s been such a nice and relaxed process! And I just got my hair cut so it’s loads healthier now! ❤


  5. Covet Luxe says:

    This is such a great service! If I was a glasses wearer, I defo would be hitting these up. Love the Alexa ones! x

    Lily |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      thanks lily!xx


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