What I Wore: Y Not

A very muddy weekend in the Derbyshire countryside and what did I pack? Playsuits and shorts. Ain’t no weather ruining my festival fashion. Check out this post to see what I got up to, what I wore and what I ended up having to buy.



A sunny morning looked promising, and the drive to Derby was glorious. Of course, it decides to piss down the second the tent is up just to let us know the tent isn’t waterproof. On Friday I wore my ‘Feel The Soul’ top that I bagged on Depop for a fiver, a fraction of its original Urban Outfitters price. If you’re heading to festivals, Depop is the one for getting funky outfits! I tucked this into my Levi cut offs (the one with Bowie on my booty) and chucked on a Pretty Green festival jacket. Long thick socks are an absolute lifesaver for keeping your legs toasty and stopping your wellies from rubbing your legs – my wellies are trusty four-year-old wellies from Windsor’s, which have survived V Fest, Lakefest and now, Y Not. I glittered myself up in the morning using The Affordable Wardrobes gold body glitter on my hair and cheeks and topped it with pink and gold chunky glitter. Despite the rain, there was no way I wasn’t going to embrace the festival vibes and I still rocked my sunglasses.



With the weather a little less wet, I wore my yellow floral Primark playsuit with grey thigh highs my wellies. The mud was a little risky and there was still a bit of chill, so I picked up a big yellow rain mac and matching trousers for £15 from Junk Manchester. I’m so in love with this jacket, I just haven’t had the chance to wear the trousers yet (I’m going to get my dog a yellow mac so we can match)! I also picked up some funky yellow sunglasses which made wading through mud a little more fun as it looked gold and glittery but that was after this photo was taken. On Saturday morning my brother and I headed to one of the glitter stands just in time for Mr Motivator so I could feel like a sparkly unicorn all day, and my lifeeee that stuff does not come off!



On Sunday, Jake and I got ready and headed to my brothers tent to discover the rest of the festival had been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t pack all my stuff up and still look funky. I wore a playsuit I got from Ark (Rest in Peace you adorable store) that I originally wore for V Festival in 2015. I love it because the coins jingle when I walk! I wore this with lilac wellie socks that I picked up from Home Bargains as a last minute by and they are by far the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet. The glitter looks so pretty but the actual strands of glitter thread are so scratchy and the socks themselves are so tight. I have pretty skinny chicken legs, so I don’t know who Home Bargains expect these to fit if they don’t fit me. I continued to don my yellow rain mac and my bum bag which has also survived V Fest, Lakefest and Y Not! Gutted I couldn’t glitter up for the last day or see any bands, but it was a fab couple of days in great company, making new friends and watching epic bands, so please enjoy my photos from the weekend!

Beff xx



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  1. Veronica Bizzarri says:

    I love your sense of style girl! The Ark playsuit is fab! Looks like you had fun at the festival, such a shame about the last day being cancelled xx

    Ronnie // http://www.veronicabizzarri.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      thanks beaut! honestly im so gutted the store went into liquidation! and equally as gutted my festival got bloody cancelled!


  2. Yellow looks soo good on you! Love the primark playsuit too, they have totally upped their game recently! Still can’t believe it was cancelled, that’s so odd haha. Looks like you had a brill time of what you did get to spend there 🙂
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      thanks alice! looks good on you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jade Mayhead says:

    Yellow looks great on you! I love every outfit you wore, you look great! Looks like you had a good time😘Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yellow looks simply great. Love those sunglasses and the wellies also the glitter is so festival vibes. The braids make you look fun and pulled together.


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