How To Wear Blue Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner was a big thing in the 80’s, but it’s made a comeback for summer 2017, adding a pop of colour to a natural makeup look. I decided to have a play around with some different looks, so here are three ways you can add a flash of blue to your look this summer.

I’ll start off by saying I’m using an MUA Intense Colour Eye Pencil in Royal Blue. It’s a very soft kohl, and by very soft I mean I snapped the tip off opening the pack, oops. Luckily, the lid comes with a built in sharpener for convenience as these pencils need to be sharpened a lot to get a clean line. I can’t complain though as it only cost me 90p.

Look 1: Lower Lash Flash

You can be pretty messy with this one so don’t worry about being too precise. I used small dash-like movements to apply the liner underneath my lower lashes, then smudged it out with a thick angled brush, taking it to the inner corner of my eye and extending it out into a messy, faded wing.

Look 2: Graphic Wing

Everyone loves a classic cat eye winged liner, so why not try it in blue? For a more precise line I applied double sided sticky tape where I wanted the wing and drew on a rough wing. I then used my thin, flat angled ecotools brush to create a precise line and sharpen the wing.

Look 3: Bold Lip

Who said eyeliner just has to be for your eyes? Keep your eyes nude for this look, I used a slight gold shimmer. Carefully line your lips with the pencil and fill them in for a look that makes a statement and is bound to make you stand out.

I didn’t think blue would suit me very well with me having blue eyes, but I’m actually really happy with how these looks turned out. I think they look great with a denim jacket. I’m definitely going to be playing around with this eyeliner more over the summer.

Beff xx


19 Replies to “How To Wear Blue Eyeliner”

  1. I’m so surprised you used an eyeliner pencil I thought for sure you used a liquid liner as everything looks so precise! Blue eyeliner suits you so much! I like how it can transform a look by adding a pop of fun colour.. I’m defo gonna try your trick with using a brush to do a wing btw xx


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  2. I love all of these looks, blue does look good with blue eyes! I have always been worried about trying blue, because of my eyes. I love how subtle the first one is, just a little under the eyes is great!💙

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  3. The colour suits you so much, you look amazing! 😍 I wish I was confident enough to be more daring with my makeup, but I always get self conscious about it all! 💜

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