Who Wants To Bathe In A Yellow Submarine?

When your boyfriend offers to buy you Lush bath bombs… you don’t say no! Today I’ll be reviewing their Yellow Submarine bath bomb, because how can I resist a. yellow, b. a Beatles reference and c. a bath bomb in the shape of a submarine!

Tropical scents of coconut, orange and lemongrass sweeten the tub and make for the perfect summer bath. As you lower the submarine into the water, streaks of yellow and pink foam fizz out creating beautiful swirls like an exotic sunset. Today was my final day of work before I go on holiday, so it felt like the perfect bath bomb to get me in the holiday mood.

When the bath bomb had finally dissolved, it left my bath a golden shimmer shade; just get me on a beach already!

Despite trying a number of different bath bomb brands in the past, Lush still remain my number one. Every time I get one it reminds me that I really need to treat myself to a Lush bath more often.

What’s your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Beff xx



9 Replies to “Who Wants To Bathe In A Yellow Submarine?”

  1. My absolute favourite is the Blackberry bath bomb, I think it’s the first one they ever made and I’ve heard they’re discontinuing it. I’d be so gutted, it’s literally my fave scent, I always go into Lush just to smell it haha x


  2. Never used lush bath bombs before but this one sounds like it could be my favourite


  3. I haven’t used a lush bath bomb in so long… this has definitely motivated me to go out and buy one!


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