The Vamp Stamp – Worth The Hype?

On Cult Beauty, The Vamp Stamp, ink and angled brush retails for around £30. Pretty pricey just to have an extra couple minutes in bed right? However, it’s a really good idea and it’s something that I’ve wanted to try for a while.


I purchased mine for just £5 on the app Wish, so whether it’s genuine or not is a mystery, however looking at the packaging and the manufacturing of the original online, it seems the same to me. But the real question is: Does it actually work?

I’m using the large stamp, but medium and kitten sized are available too! The first few attempts I tried this, I got the angle a little wrong, placing it just a touch too high, however I finally mastered just where it has to go and I have to say – it bloody does work! All you do is dip the stamp (which has L and R on it so you know which eye) into the ‘Vink’ and stamp it onto your eyes, being careful not to slip or knock yourself. It creates a sharp winged look that just needs the line on the lid adding!

Using the angled brush and the vink, I created a line from my inner corner, over the lid and joining the wing. I’m so impressed with how well this works. It didn’t ‘bleed’ or smudge and has lasted all day! This product is going to be saving me so much time in the morning; no more uneven wings, no more cotton buds to fix it up. Wham Bam Thank You Vamp Stamp!


I also used this with my NYX Vivid Brights ‘Halo’ eyeliner and it works equally as well with other liners – you can see how that turned out in Wednesday’s post!

Beff xx


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Omg no way your eyeliner looks flawless! I need this x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beffshuff says:

      honestly i thought it was going to be naff but i cant believe how good it is


  2. Estelle says:

    Im glad it worked for you beth – I’ve seen some negative reviews of this! Might need to give it a try..
    Stelle Xx


  3. I can’t believe how well this worked! Definitely need one. It looks flawless.
    Cora ❤


  4. I can’t believe it worked! I saw a certain youtubers review of it & it didnt work at all.. mind you the placement of said youtuber was all sorts of wrong lol xx


  5. Eli says:

    I love it! Great finish…pricy though.. 😉


  6. Jade Mayhead says:

    I literally thought this was one of those Instagram hyped products that don’t work at all, but clearly it does! Thats amazing, I’ve never bought anything from the wish app before, but am forever looking at it! What was the shipping like?
    I am so happy this works for you!🎉Xox


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