My Top 10 Cult Beauty Lusts

We’ve all filled our basket, looked at the total and closed the tab. A bit of faux retail therapy never hurt anyone (other than ourselves). Here are my top 10 products that I would love to buy, but my bank balance kinda says nope.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Moonchild Glow Kit – £39.00 – I mean c’mon, we all need that glow.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Palette – £41.00 – I kinda want it and I kinda don’t. I’ve heard some bad reviews and I don’t think I’d suit some of the colours… but I kinda want it.


Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition – £56.00 – It’s just so pretty.


Huda Beauty – Liquid Matte Minis – Brown Edition – £33.00 – I’ve heard great things about Huda’s liquid lip products and 4 for £33 works out at just over £8 each, which is actually what you’d pay for drugstore liquid lip products.


Morphe Brushes – 35 Colour Fall Into Frost Palette – 35F – £23.50 – This, and the following two products are 35 colour Morphe palettes and they’re just so beautiful and autumnal; and yes I need all three…


Morphe Brushes – 35 Colour Shimmer Nature Glow Palette – 35OS – £23.50


Morphe Brushes – 35 Colour Nature Glow Palette – 35O – £23.50


NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner – Petal – £5.50 – Halo was originally on the list, but I actually brought it! So next on my list is the shade ‘petal’


Iconic London Illuminator – Shine – £32.99 – I see this used in tutorials All. The. Time. This makes me think that it’s pretty darn good. Plus, a girl can never have too much highlight.


Violet Voss – Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette – £43.00 – another gorgeous warm/neutrals palette, but at a bit of a higher cost.


What things have you got in your Cult Beauty basket?

Beff xx

*images are from the Cult Beauty website*


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    i love the pink liner, think that’s next on my list too, they’re just so goood!😍
    I think the Anastasia colours would look good on you!☺️


  2. Alice says:

    I had exactly the same thoughts when I went into MAC yesterday and they had a palette WITH THE LIGHT SHADE BIGGER THAN THE REST. I always run out of the lightest shade really quickly because I use it the most so this would be amazing- but it was £32 and that’s waaay more than I’d usually spend on a palette!


  3. SOOO many things on this list that I love/want. I feel the exact same about the Subculture palette, like I don’t even know if it would suit me or what looks I’d even create with it but why do I want it so bad? Hahaha. I’m obsessed with Nyx Vivid Brights, nearly got the whole set and I definitely want ‘petal’ to add to my collection. I really want the Morphe 35F in time for Autumn, it’s so pretty x


  4. lolitambonita says:

    Wow what a mighty collection. When I win the lottery O will but you it all! X
    Lola Mia //


  5. Covet Luxe says:

    Everything on this is what I’d love, I recommend Morphe 35O loads, one of my go-to eyeshadow palettes now! My current basket includes ABH moonchild, some more Pixi skincare, Becca champagne pop and some Violet Voss palettes x


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