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You may have seen a few weeks back that we lost our four-legged fur-baby, Lyla, to cancer at the age of 12. Our home has been so empty and quiet! Just before we went to Cornwall, Mum and I went to visit a little two-year-old Staffie at Animal Lifeline who was desperate to be rehomed.

Phoebe had been dumped as a puppy and taken to Animal Lifeline and rehomed with a couple who have now split and neither can house her, and so took her back to Animal Lifeline. For dogs that have been mistreated and abused, kennels are like paradise: walks, fetch, food and care. For Phoebe, after having a loving home and family, going to kennels was a bit of a downgrade and she seems to have fretted her weight off.


We spotted her the second we reached the gate, with her funny little cotton wool tail up in the air. I fell in love the second I saw her and wanted to take her home straight away. However we were off on holiday and didn’t think it would be fair to take her home for one night, then a six hour drive to a caravan of nine people – a bit too overwhelming for a little pooch.

The next day we had our home check with Pat, who loved our home and said that Phoebe would be very lucky to be rehomed with us. I’d say we’re the lucky ones.

Mum and Dad weren’t 100% certain that we would definitely be rehoming her. Dad needed to see if Phoebe liked him first. We agreed that when we got home, I would drive him to the kennels on the Monday to meet her and make a decision. Animal Lifeline had said we were free to take her home on the day, or even just for a weekend; we could even wait a couple of weeks whilst we get everything sorted at home for her.

I arrived home on Sunday evening after a 9 hour journey, exhausted and in need of a cuddle. It was our first holiday without Lyla in 10 years… We actually picked her up 10 years ago to the day. Mum and Dad were running late due to ‘an accident on the M6’. When they came home mum told me that we weren’t able to pick Phoebe up tomorrow, and I panicked. I had my heart set on her and I knew how much she needed a home. That so-called accident on the M6 was actually a detour to the kennels. Phoebe was home.

She ran around the house making herself at home and going up to everyone for a sniff; found her way to Mum and Dad’s bedroom, barked at herself in the mirror and jumped straight on the bed as if to say ‘yup, I’m home’. She’s had a bath and dried off in front of the fire, and had lots of welcome home cuddles. We did all get a little bit teary when she managed to find Lyla’s blanket and started sniffing it though.


There’s still lots of things we need to buy for Phoebe; collar, lead, harness, a new toy etc – Hounds are going to love me… my bank balance isn’t.

No dog will ever replace Lyla, or the dogs that came before her; but a house is not a home without a furry friend and I’m so happy we can give another unfortunate pup a loving home – it’s what Lyla would have wanted. Everyone… meet Phoebe.

Follow her growth and her adventures on instagram @phoebe_and_frank

Beff xx


  1. September 4, 2017 / 11:25 am

    WE LOVE YOU PHOEBE. She’s so adorable, I teared up reading this! xx

  2. September 7, 2017 / 11:23 am

    This is such a lovely post, glad she is with you now Beff. She is a beaut of a dog, and love her instagram too much x

  3. September 8, 2017 / 8:31 pm

    This made me tear up too, she looks like a lovely little pooch, I hope she has settled in well with you guys!
    Alice Xx

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