Rocket Science – Lush Bath Bomb

Before I went on holiday, I posted a review of the Yellow Submarine Lush Bath Bomb – you may remember that I mentioned buying two bath bombs… well, this is the other! Rocket Science.

In the shop, I specifically asked for something that would make my bath look beautiful, and it did not disappoint. I read a review that Rocket Science is a slow fizzer, and so I put it in the bath early whilst still running the hot water, so by the time I got into the bath it would have finished. The second it hit the water was the most satisfying moment – it just dispersed so evenly and calmly as opposed to vigorously and erratically. It was so soothing to watch the colours flow outwards.

Rocket Science turned my bath beautiful hues of green and blue – it looked like images of earth from space. Lush’s conceptualism is on point with every single product they create, perfectly envisioning and creating their innovative ideas.


More colours like pinks and purples swirled through the tub – I was so excited to get into the bath. The lemony fragrance was fresh and inviting, and left me feeling super clean and ready to take on the day.


I’d say this is definitely in my top 10 bath bombs in terms of the show it puts on. It’s less than £3 too so definitely worth the price.


Beff xx


12 Replies to “Rocket Science – Lush Bath Bomb”

  1. Wow, this bath bomb is beautiful! I so wish I could pin your bath photos to my bath art Pinterest board as it looks so lovely x


  2. I’m so cold right now and this has made me crave a nice warm Lush bath. I love that you included a video! x


  3. I really wanted to get this bath bomb but I wasn’t too keen on the smell, I absolutely love how fabulous it seems to perform in the bath from your video and pics!! Maybe I’ll grab it just to stare at it…
    Alice Xx


  4. The video looks so fascinating, I love watching bath bombs on videos. The colours of this bath are insane. I don’t have baths often at all, but this has made me want one just for the colours of the water!xox


  5. okay so I knew I needed more bath bombs in my life but now I need this one! I have not seen anything like this, it is incredible! Also how the hell have you made photos of a bath look nice, haha! X


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