My First Ever Trip To IKEA

I’d heard about the meatballs… I’d heard about the flatpack… I’d heard about the beautifully decorated rooms – but I’d never bloody been to IKEA. When Melissa and Jade asked me to tag along whilst the buy new soft furnishings for their uni house, I jumped at the chance.

I love looking at interior decorating and seeing what people have done with the space, what colour palettes have been used and anything like that, so going from room to room was really cool. If you see something you’d like and would like to buy, you just write down its details and find it in self-selection later. You can also buy entire rooms, which I think is bloody brilliant; like that episode in friends when Rachel kits out hers and Phoebe’s apartment with everything from page 72 of the Pottery Barn catalogue.

You get halfway round that place and wanna get out? No chance. You’re screwed. You can’t go back. And forward, well… it’s never ending. We were in there for like three hours.

FullSizeRender (87)

When we’d finished looking at all the rooms, we popped to the restaurant for some dinner. Obviously, I went for the meatballs because everyone bangs on about them. I don’t eat a lot so wend for the child’s portion, getting 5 meatballs, creamy mash, garlic bread and a coke. Gotta say they were pretty good meatballs… but who serves meatballs with gravy and not sauce? That I found a little odd. I was surprised at how cheap the food was, my meal was less than £4 and I left feeling full and satisfied, and ready to take on the next half of IKEA.


After the restaurant, you have some self-selection upstairs, and then bulkier stuff downstairs like flatpack furniture and large furnishings. I managed to make it through the maze only spending £9! I was surprised at how inexpensive things were in IKEA, and I know that if I were to buy something similar from a supermarket homeware section then it would be double the price tag. Here’s what I bought:



Three potted cacti – £4.50

Storage pot – £2

Matching tray – £1.50

Potpourri – £1

I thought all of these would make great little props for blog photos as well as making my new office look beautiful when it’s finished!

Have you ever been to IKEA? What did you buy? Was it a flatpack fail or soft furnishing success?

Beff xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I knew before reading the post that you’d have picked up at least one cactus! Haha. I love those white pots, I’ve always wanted some. Might have to take a trip back soon, it’s actually so affordable. Never tried their meatballs! Must get on that x



  2. Amy Baillie says:

    Was in IKEA on Saturday. I bought couple of candles and a shoe rail ☺️ flat pack is normally a nightmare but the shoe racks were so easy to build!!


  3. My Existential Babble says:

    My housemates are going crazy at me to drive them to IKEA, and I think I will take up on their request because I love it so much and your post has made me die to go back!

    Sophie ♥


  4. Jade Mayhead says:

    How did I know there would be a cactus involved?!
    I can’t believe you have only been once! It’s the perfect place for anything homeware, at such a good price! Looking for blog props is a good idea, I never thought of that! I will be doing that when I go in there next time!xox


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