High-End Giveaway By The Kitty Luxe

A few months back I won a Benefit giveaway with Isabelle Kate and thought ‘gosh I never win anything’ – well actually, I recently won one of Holly’s giveaways! @TheKittyLuxe holds quite frequent giveaways so I’ll always give them an RT when I see them on my timeline – gotta be in it to win it guys.

When I woke up one grey and groggy Monday morning to Hol in my mentions saying I’d won her high end giveaway I shot out of bed. I need that kinda motivation every monday. I was over the moon. It arrived this week (you may have caught me in boxing it over on my Instagram stories) and when I finally got past the cellotape and into the box I was super excited to see what goodies I got.

Here’s what I won!


Benefit Gogo Tint – I’m so happy about this as I got the ChaCha tint in my Birchbox and wished I’d gone for the Gogo tint!


Christian Breton Anti-Wrinkle Eye Masks – never tried anything like this before but I definitely need some help reducing my dark circles so these sound like the perfect remedy.


Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask – give me anything. Anything to make my skin feel great.


7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask – these are my go-to facemask brand usually. When I’m at work and I can feel my forehead getting oily, I tent to go for one of these to try and get it back under control.


Neom Great Day Body and Hand Lotion – nothing beats smothering yourself in a lux body lotion after a bubble bath.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir – face mists are a great all round product, from priming, setting, moisturising and nourishing. I’m always grateful for a good mist.


*cute stationary alert* how cute is this Kate Spade pencil!


Pur Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Obsessed – with the hype of liquid lipsticks I expected this to dry, however the formula is much like the Bourjois Velvet Rouge’s and so it stays creamy on your lips which takes some time to get used to when you’re used to liquid lipsticks drying, but I love it and the shade is fabulous.


Lin and Lo Matte Lipstick – I struggle to find a red that suits me, but this one is lovely! I try to steer away from pink tones reds but this one’s more orangey so it’s perfect.


Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfectif Wonder Overnight Recovery Balm – this product has really sparked my interest. Most hair recovery products you put on when you’re hair is wet, but this one is dry! I can’t wait to use it and have silky soft hair.


All together these products equate to over ¬£100 worth of stuff – that’s amazing that bloggers can offer such a fun and easy way to win goodies. This isn’t a post to brag like ‘look at all the stuff I won’ it’s more to encourage people to enter giveaways. I’ve been guilty of thinking ‘it’s not worth it, I’ll never win.’ but people do. Holly holds frequent giveaways, so to be in with a chance to win, give her a follow. I’m hoping to hold a giveaway just after Christmas, so follow me on twitter and Instagram (@beffshuff) to know when!

Beff xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh wow, lucky you! This is an amazing giveaway. Congratulations on your winnings. I got SO many free 7th Heaven face masks at Bloggers Festival and I’m just in love with them. They’ve got a new charcoal peel-off one which is honestly amazing! x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


  2. Jade Mayhead says:

    7th heaven is such a wonderful brand, I haven’t tried this mask yet but I have one, so am going to very soon! I am in love with the pencil, literally so cute!xox


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