Wish App – Is It A Scam?

My brother orders loads of stuff from Wish; parcels are forever turning up from China and he’s forgotten what he’s even ordered. I decided to try it out for myself and see what’s what as I know people tend to be a little sceptical about apps like this.

Wish is an app available on the app store and offers discounted prices up to 80%; it even has reputable brands on there. Problem is, most of the stuff comes from China, and so it takes forever to come.

I limited myself to a £10 spend, I purchased 6 items and they each had their own postage charge – I managed to find a 40% off code online (like it wasn’t already cheap enough).

The first item to arrive was this ring light. A lot of MUA’s use these to show off their makeup looks. You simply clip it onto your phone and it has three settings, dim, medium and bright. I’ve been using it to add light to blog photos and I’m loving the results so far. It also means you can take great selfies in low light because it’s just so illuminating! This was around £1.80 including shipping, I just had to add the batteries.

IMG_2076 (1)

The next item to arrive was a 40 colour eye shadow palette. Admittedly, I thought this was going to be much larger than it is but it’s still quite a handy size for travelling so I’m not too bothered. I think these mimic Morphe palettes in their choice of shades and tones, so it’s perfect to decide whether or not you will use a Morphe palette before spending the money. I paid around £2.50 for this; a small price to pay to decide if you want to invest in something bigger.

IMG_2073 (1)

On the same day this adorable cactus pencil case arrived. It’s a canvas pencil case and has four little cacti on then on the back is says ‘Stay Away From Me’ which reflects my mornings at uni perfectly. It doesn’t fit a tonne of pens in, but it fits in the essentials, a few pens, pencils, fine liners and highlighters. This was around £1.20.

IMG_2074 (1)

I was really curious about the quality of the phone cases on the app, so I ordered a super bloggable/instagrammable case and, whilst it looks beautiful, you can see a few imperfections in the quality, like miscolouring or marks. What can you expect for £1 really? It’s still going to look cute in photos!

IMG_2075 (1)

It’s always the stuff you’re most looking forward to that arrives last isn’t it. I was so excited about this £3.50 Beauty Glazed palette which seems to be a dupe for the Huda Beauty textured rose gold palette. The colours are absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to try out some makeup looks with this! This is definitely the product that I’m most impressed with. 100%. It’s bloody beaut.

IMG_2072 (1)

Have you ever ordered from Wish? What did you order and how was your Wish experience?

Beff xx



5 Comments Add yours

  1. The last palette looks amazing! I really wanna try it out and see how good the pigmentation and stuff is. Also think I need to invest in one of those little lights, that’s such a clever idea x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


  2. Eli says:

    Everything looks great! The case is sooo cute. I’m looking forward to hearing about the actual quality of the prods if ok to be worn all day, how fit your skin, etc. The prices are affordable the products theirselves look so well presented. 🙂


  3. Amy Baillie says:

    I love the look of the last palette!! I’ve never ordered but definitely thinking I should. I’ve also got the phone case, I got mines from eBay ☺️ x


  4. Siyana says:

    Both cases are super cute! I’m also excited to read your review on the palettes xx


  5. Well I need to get on this app… All of this stuff looks lush! Been looking at those ring lights for ages aswell, can’t say no for £1.80!
    Alice Xx


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