14 Pet Peeves You Have When Driving

I think we’re all guilty of a little road rage, and as a relatively new driver I become incredibly frustrated with people who drive shit, having just spent over a year learning to drive. Like, have you paid hundreds of pounds to get your licence then drive like a bloody buffoon? So here are some pet peeves I’m sure you’ll agree with.


  1. Phones – my worst one is when you start braking and check your mirror and you can see the person behind you hasn’t started to brake because they’re on their phone
  2. Swaying – when someone can’t just stick to the middle of the road – are you pissed? Are you on your phone? What?
  3. Break before indicating – WHY ARE YOU BRAKING?? GO?? Oh you’re turning, cheers for signalling.
  4. Giving up right of way – don’t just bloody stop!? It’s your right of way. Take it.
  5. Ignoring right of way – when someone thinks it’s okay to just bully their way through when it’s your right of way.
  6. Not thanking – I let you through, how hard is it to lift a finger off your steering wheel?
  7. Thanking after pulling out – don’t pull out on me then thank me you patronising piece of shit.
  8. Unnecessary overtaking – if I’m doing the speed limit. Please don’t overtake me.
  9. Beeping when not safe to go – if I’m at a roundabout and I’ve not pulled off it’s because a. it’s certainly not safe or b. I’m not 100% sure it’s safe. Don’t you dare rush me.
  10. Laneswapping – going from left to centre to right to centre won’t make you get anywhere any quicker when there’s traffic.
  11. No indicating – Audi’s and BMW’s apparently aren’t fitted with working indicators.
  12. Too slow/too fast – Nothing worse than people speeding dangerously, except being stuck behind someone doing 20MPH when you need to be somewhere.
  13. Middle lane hogging – STOP DOING IT.
  14. Tailgating – the closer you drive to the back of my car, the slower I’ll drive. Back the fuck up.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this one guys – difficult to source!

What Pet Peeves do you have that I’ve missed?

Beff xx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I don’t drive but I have done lessons and been a passenger many times whilst this awful shit takes place. This had me giggling purely at how true every single one is. The worst one has got to be when people just pull out and then thank you like you even had a choice hahaha x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


  2. Chloe says:

    I was just sat nodding my head furiously while reading this, lol. So true, driving can be such a pain sometimes, especially with incompetent drivers 😂


  3. Hahah this is so funny! I hogg the middle lane when I drive late late at night when the roads are practically empty, I switch over to the left lane when I see a car approach tho 🙈. I would add those ANNOYING drivers that have their FULL beams on at all times, even when theyre driving in the middle of traffic!!!



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