My New Base Makeup Routine

I’m running out of all my makeup at once at the minute, both of my foundations, my concealer, just, everything. So when we had double discount week at work I picked up some new bits and I’ve changed the way I do my base, so I thought I would share my improved method with you, including the alien process of ‘baking’.

To start off, I hydrate my under eye area with a No7 moisturiser. This makes my skin feel much smoother and will stop areas going too dry and flaky.


I decided to try out the new Rimmel foundation, the Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation in the shade Light Porcelain. The applicator is a wand, which is very unusual and innovative; it helps you apply your foundation more evenly and smoothly without wasting product when you pump it onto a sponge. It provides a light to medium coverage, however two layers of the product gives a nice coverage and a soft finish.

After applying the second layer of foundation, I lightly contour with the Model Co contour stick, which is a really warm, blendable contour. I highlight with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair, but don’t blend the concealer entirely. Instead, I take the Natural Collection setting powder and my Real Techniques contour brush and apply it over the concealer, letting it just sit on top. This will set my face as it ‘bakes’ and will brighten the areas applied as well as keeping it smooth and creaseless.

After a couple minutes, you can dust away the powder and you’ll be left with a flawless base, highlighted in all the right places and ready for a little shimmer. I then go in with a little extra contour with the Rimmel x Kate Moss sculpting palette to define my cheekbones. Now, my makeup doesn’t move all day, my concealer doesn’t crease and my forehead doesn’t get oily. Whilst I’m still getting used to ‘baking’, I’m really happy with the results so far, there are just a few technique issues that I need to iron out, like knowing how much to blend and how long to bake for. So far, so good though.

Beff xx


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Your skin looks so flawless, I really want to try the Rimmel Foundation is sounds great. I’ve only just starting baking myself and I’ve notice a big difference in the longevity of my make up. Great post! x


  2. Looks amazing! This foundation is my new best friend, I love the formula so so much x



  3. I have been looking to try out this foundation! Thanks for this post sweet x


  4. Eli says:

    Your skin is beautiful. I will try this foundation which luckly for it is sold in my country…and I dont have to wait for a friend to buy me one abroad. I loved the effect and final result!


  5. I really need to start trying out baking, would you recommend the natural collection powder? Xx


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