10 Things I Love About Autumn

Everyone tends to get mega excited about summer; sun, sea, sand and all that shit. NOPE. Summer can buggar off, bring me Autumn with mild weather, cosy fashion and festive feels. Here are 10 things I love about autumn and why think it’s the best season.


  1. Cosy blankets – Is there anything better than getting the biggest, snuggliest blanket you can find and plonking yourself underneath it on the sofa in front of a film and some popcorn?
  1. Crunchy leaves – walking to work or to uni is 10x better in autumn because of all the pretty leaves that crunch under your feet. Your local country park will look beautiful at this time of year, so get out and go for a walk. Fake crunchy leaves also make your blog photos look adorable.
  1. Hot Chocolate – topped with cream and marshmallows. It’s a must. I don’t really drink hot chocolate all year until it gets to autumn. My favourite has to be Cadburys *heart eyes emoji*. img_0852
  1. Pumpkins – these lil veggies don’t get any attention all year round until October, they don’t get the recognition they deserve! Make the most of them, make pies, carve them, but most importantly, get them local! Pumpkin picking at a local patch is so much more fun than nipping to Tesco and it supports a local business.
  1. Halloween – the decorations, the costumes, the sweetiesssss! What’s not to love? The Sugarmill All-Nighter is a must for a night out, too. phoebe
  1. Fireworks Displays – I love wrapping up warm and going to a fireworks display; I know that I was always mesmerised as a child and so it’s lovely to take my little niece and watch her face as they bang. I love bonfires, and writing my name with sparklers; and there’s always a dirty hot dog stall which is an absolute must.
  1. Big Knitted Jumpers – everyone loves a chunky knit, right? All those jumpers in the back of your wardrobe can come out and be loved again!
  1. Scarves – It’s like a cosy blanket that’s acceptable to take out in public – wrap up warm! 21985655_445603599167535_861720812_o
  1. Candles – Home feels so much more peaceful and relaxed with a candle burning; scents like pumpkin, cinnamon and pine are amazing this time of year. IMG_2009
  1. Burgundy Lipstick – gimme all the dark colours, burgundies, purples, slates; autumn is the best time to rock a dark lip. thumbnail_IMG_9157

What are your favourite things about autumn?

Beff xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. My Existential Babble says:

    What is the lipstick that you are wearing in this post? It’s so nice! ♥


  2. Jade Mayhead says:

    You have literally just listed every reason why Autumn is my favourite seasonXox


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