Things You Could Buy Instead Of The iPhone X

Today some of you may be ordering the iPhone X (the rest of us are sensible). £999. NINE HUNDRED AND NINTY NINE GREAT BRISTISH POUNDS. You having a laugh, Apple? Having the world’s bloody pants down! Your customers have more money than sense. I can think of so many other ways that grand could be spend… so here’s a list.

3,330 Freddo’s – that doesn’t seem like a lot now that Freddo’s are ridiculously priced at THIRTY PENCE but would you rather the iPhone X or 3,330 chocolate bars?


99,900 1p sweets – imagine the pick and mix?!


My car insurance. Someone please pay my car insurance instead of buying an iPhone X.


10-20 rescue dogs – with a donation between £50-100, you could have up to 20 rescue doggos!


The brand new Xbox One X and a Play Station 4 (plus games) so you don’t have to argue which is better.


Go to Glastonbury, V Festival, Y Not, Leeds and Boomtown Festival (or any five festivals of choice).


Stay at Disney World Florida for 5 nights.


13 classic twin tipped Fred Perry polo shirts.


2 iPhone 6’s – because why have one phone when you can have two that are the same?


38 Fenty Beauty Foundations (that’s nearly every shade?!)


555 Brewdog Punk IPA – that’s a year’s supply at 1 and a half a night


66 trips to the cinema, including popcorn and a drink


A local gig every Friday and Saturday for a year and a half with money for beer


196 Big Mac Meals


A Crosley record player and around 50 new vinyl records

CR8005A-TU a

That’s just 15 ideas – what would you buy instead of the iPhone X?

Beff xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eli says:

    I would rescue the dogs! 😁😁😁 personally, I’ve never had an iphone. If for you is expensive, for me in argentine peso is 1.8 times more expensive… about 35,000ARS..😑😑😑 so no iphone for me at time 🙄🙄🙄


  2. Dreaming of all the pick ‘n’ mix and Big Macs, personally I’d much rather have them! I never really pay attention to the latest technology, the phone I’ve got works perfectly fine so I always just wait until my contract is up and get something affordable. Rescue the doggies instead! x



  3. hahaha yesss!! All of these options are so much better than the Iphone X!


  4. KateAlice says:

    Hahah yesss I love this post, such a great read! The new iPhone is completely overpriced but I’d totally take all those pic’n’mix instead!


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