Photo Diary: Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, it’s so cosy and autumnal with the fire, the fireworks, sparklers, hot drinks and greasy hot dogs – bliss.

Last night we went to our local annual fireworks display and I took my camera to get some fireworks snaps and I’m surprised at how well they came out! I’ve not shot fireworks before so it was a fun first attempt. I feel like bonfire night is the official start of the Christmas period, so if you’re ready to start feeling festive, take a look at my snaps.

IMG_2876IMG_2877IMG_2878IMG_2879IMG_2880 (1)IMG_2881 (1)IMG_2882 (1)IMG_2883 (1)IMG_2884 (1)IMG_2885 (1)IMG_2886 (1)IMG_2887 (1)IMG_2894IMG_2895IMG_2896IMG_2897IMG_2898


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  1. KateAlice says:

    Aww these pics are so good! I adore fireworks and totally agree with bonfire night being the start of the Christmas period!x


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