What’s In It For Me…?

What’s In It For Me…?

What’s in it for you is some gorgeous, luxe, self-indulgent bathing products that will make you fall in love with your skin.


What’s In It For Me is the sister brand to the popular brand Anatomicals, whilst I’d not tried WIIFM, I had in fact tried a few of the Anatomicals goodies (foot cream and shower gel) and was pretty darn impressed, so I had some high expectations.

The brand offer six different products, from hand creams to body scrubs, but today I’ll be telling you how much I love their body cleanser.

Let me tell you, I’ve been through some shower gels in my time, but it’s definitely a rarity to find one that I would purchase again. What’s In It For Me’s body cleanser is a 100% must-repurchase product.


The ingredients used have great benefits for your skin, with soothing aloe vera and astringent witch hazel; grapefruit known to detox and brighten your skin (and smell great), alongside invigorating rosemary and peppermint. I really like how these are displayed clearly on the front of the packaging, meaning more time for pampering and less squinting to ready tiny print on the back of a bottle.

You’re totally allowed to be selfish when it comes to your pamper sesh. This cleanser lathers so nicely in your hands or on a loofah and it smells so fresh. It’s one of those products that leave you feeling squeaky clean and ready to take on the day.


This product is available from Harvey Nichols for £7 here; I think if I were to buy one of the other products it would have to be the body scrub, you can check out my gal Lily’s review of that one here.

Beff xx



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    This sounds as amazing as I thought it would! I do love a good pamper, and these products are such a great addition 🙂


  2. I reviewed the body scrub a while back and it’s so gorgeous! I can imagine the body cleanser being just as nice! X


  3. I love the packaging of these products! Had no idea it was linked to anatomicals which I also love.


  4. I really love your photos! So creative. I’d love to try some of their products as I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about them, especially the scrub as I’m after a decent exfoliating product x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


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