Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture #2

It must be about six months since I last did one of these posts, but the Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture series is beck where I show you the cute polaroids I’ve taken with a film cartridge. You can check out my previous post here.


Going wayyy back to June/July when we went to a classic car show, here’s a snap of Jake where we bombarded his beard with flowers and made him look like a garden fairy.


These next two were taken at Newquay Zoo in the cute oriental gardens.


No family holiday is complete without a family photo.


Here’s a picture of my brother, Alex, Jake and I before we went out for Halloween.


And Phoebe’s cute lil Halloween costume.


These are the most recent photos from this past weekend, of mine, Anya and Leah’s Christmas night out along with a mandatory snap with Jake and a picture with the lovely Andy Hopkins of The Enemy who was doing a DJ set at The Underground.


I just seriously wish the film for these lil babies wasn’t so expensive, I’m hoping someone I get some for Christmas (*hint* mum).

Can’t wait to fill my photo album with more cute 2×3 memories.

Beff xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eli says:

    Loved them…so cute the ones from phoebe! 😁😁😁 never thought of having one like this would be so much fun!


  2. Loving the flowers in Jake’s beard, haha. I really want one of these cameras! They seem so cool. Definitely on my wishlist x



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