Disposable Snaps #5

Good afternoon beautiful people.

I actually completely forgot about this disposable camera, so when I put it in for development I was super excited to get it back because I literally had no idea what was on it. Now, it’s the big reveal!

*caution* lots of glitter and alcohol

I apologise in advance to Jake, who’s head I manage to half chop off on most photos (short people problems)

Jake and I at Blink 182 at Castlefield Bowl


Y Not Festival (ft. Connor and Meg)

My Gals ft. DJ Hamer (not to be confused with MC Hammer)

Some holiday snaps in Cornwall

Halloween Shenanigans

Bonfire Night with Jake and my Nan, isn’t she cute

My Gals again

and some random drunk photos of Jake and I

Roll on the festive period and another disposable camera!


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