Ultimate Megababes #2

Around this time last year I posted my top 10 girlcrushes, but of course there are more than 10 female icons that I admire, look up to, think are beautiful or just a total badass babe. So, here are another 10 megababes. I also realised whilst writing this that a lot of them are redheads (Jake’s favourite, too).

Paloma Faith – whilst I think red hair suits her much better than blonde, she’s a uniquely stunning lady with an equally stunning voice.


Hayley Williams – I have looked up to Hayley since I was a kid. I always remember seeing the video to That’s What You Get (when you let your heart win) and just wishing I could be as cool as her. I’ve grown up with her music and watched her grow as a person too – here’s an old snap I took of her back in 2013 (as well as a not so amateur photo)

Shakira – There’s no doubt that Shakira is gorgeous, but she also does a lot of amazing charity work and she really speaks out for what she believes in.

Shakira Poses For A Photo Session

Taylor Momsen – Who would have ever thought that little Cindy-Lou Hoo would grow up to be this badass, eyeliner wearing, rock princess.


Nicola Roberts – So. Naturally. Gorgeous. Her hair is absolutely amazing and I just wish I had it myself. Mega hair envy.


Heather Baron Gracie – I absolutely have to mention Heather. She’s the singer for Pale Waves, a band from my hometown who are doing massively well for themselves and working with Matty Healy of The 1975. Seeing her do so well and putting Stoke on the map makes me immensely proud for our music scene – and seeing her posts on Instagram makes me insanely jealous of how cool she is.


Kat Von D – her makeup range is fabulous, her heel collection is amazing and her artistry skills are on another level. She is insane.


Holly Willoughby – Holly and Phillip make my mornings. She’s such a comical person and of course, beautiful.


Jennifer Aniston – has she aged? like, at all? 90’s Rachel Green is a fashion icon.


Natalie Dormer – perhaps better known as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. She has really dainty features and she really suits her GoT role.


No doubt I’ll be back same time next year with another 10 iconic women.

Beff xx


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