Saint or Sinner: Reviewing Primark Lipsticks

When visiting Primark, I’ll always take a quick look at the new makeup products their launching to see if anything looks worth a try. Last week when I was in town the Saint or Sinner range caught my eye. It appears sort of vampy/gothic, and I’d say by the name, Kat Von D inspired, so I was a bit intrigued.

I picked up two of the matte lipsticks in the shades Lost Soul and Moonchild.


Lost Soul is a vampy red, whereas Moonchild is a more dark purple. I love the shades, and the other colours in the range look just as lovely. But are they worth it?

The lipsticks cost £3, so around half the price of your average drugstore lipstick.

Whilst I love the shades, unfortunately the lipsticks just aren’t all that great.

The product is incredibly dry, which makes it difficult to apply as there is a lot of drag. I actually attempted to melt it a little with a lighter, but that was pretty useless (don’t try that at home). You have to apply it with a sort of short, quick patting motion to get a good payoff and there is absolutely no way you’ll be applying it if your lips are even a little moist.

When you manage to get it on, it’s very uneven and patchy, and it’s difficult to get a sharp line. I can apply most lip products without a liner, but these prove incredibly difficult.

In terms of long lasting wear, I managed to wear Lost Soul for a few hours until the dryness became unbearable and I had to remove it. It just doesn’t stay put and feels quite flakey.

I feel like it’s such a shame that such gorgeous shades have been wasted by using a poor formula, and if someone like L’Oreal or Mac had produced the same shades then I’d be over the moon. Primark have upped their game with most things, so why are the still falling short on the makeup front? I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra to have an affordable product that actually feels and looks great.

Here are some shots of the lip products on:

Beff xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. andthenzen says:

    I love the shades, but I always find that Primark lipsticks are super drying?! I really wish they would change their formula, because their shade range is gorgeous.. 😩


  2. It’s such a shame that the formula is a let down because the actual shades are so lovely! x



  3. Such a shame the formula wasn’t up to scratch as the shades are so gorgeous! x


  4. The shades look so pretty, so it’s such a shame the formula isn’t great especially as they are so affordable. X


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